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Monday, November 12, 2012

Prada; A Gentleman's Stamp of Approval

I adore Prada. To me, Prada is a staple of sophistication. It also receives a gentleman's stamp of approval - every male in my life seems to love Prada as well...especially on women. Prada is the perfect mix of masculinity and chicness - i.e. the lesbian Prada loafer? Brilliance.

Just this morning my Father walked into my office and on my desk was a Prada bag of mine (Large Saffiano Top Handle Bag in Grey) that I recently swapped into for the weekend. Before my Dad even says hello, he states, "is that a new bag?" I said, "No Dad, this is the one you got me for Christmas last year." My father picks it up admiring it and says, "I just love this color." My dad isn't even a fashion forward type of guy by just so happens he appreciates the wisdom of Tim Gunn and "Versache" - it's in our genes...what can I say?

Anyway, as I was checking my emails later on this morning and I saw one from Saks featuring the new Prada Resort 2013 collection. Obviously, these were too many hints from the fashion gods screaming at me to throw up a blog post already.

Check out the collection, the gentlemen and I are obsessed with...


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  1. LOVE PRADA!!!


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