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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Khaki Jacket in Da Club.

Hey creepy guy in the khaki jacket, we see you shakin' that thang. You've got moves, but that jacket you're wearing makes no girl want to come within 10 feet of your bottle of booze.

What were you thinking getting dressed to go out to the club? Did you think you were on an aggressive safari of roaming cougars? Maybe you were thinking you were at a dinner party at Ralph Lauren's? Or perhaps it was right after Labor Day and this was a good change up from your white denim jacket?

In any event, it's not working for you.

I'm not dissing the khaki jacket (although a lot of sh*t talking has been made about it) because it can be worn right - boating, picnicing, if you're Chuck Bass...

However, this is a look that no man, including Brad Pitt, should be wearing inside of a trendy spot past sundown.

Here are some alternatives to your khaki in the club:

1. Black V-neck.
2. Black blazer.
3. Black button down.
4. Black Lanvin jacket.
5. Black anything else.

Save the khaki for her...


  1. that first picture!!! bahaha amazing

  2. Isn't it hilarious? Thanks for the great blog post idea! SO funny. Xo.


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