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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Halloween List.

This past Saturday a group of us went out for a fun Halloween celebration downtown San Diego. So, we can check dressing up this year officially off the to-do list - checkkk! Although I technically could still dress up tomorrow (i.e. Halloween on a Wednesday...When to Dress up?), I think my champagne liver will have to pass.

If you're like me and are done dressing up, but still want to participate in some of the Halloween festivities (and are unfortunately too old to be trick-or-treating), check out some of these options I'll be partaking in on the night of the 31st and join the fun...

1. Watching "Carrie Bradshaw" as her not so fashionable self in Hocus Pocus is a spooky change up from strutting around the city in Jimmy Choo's to flying around on a mop.

2. While on the topic of salt, I also plan on eating a cauldron full of Henri's French Onion Soup (found on The Curvy Carrot) - this is super similar to my mother's recipe, 100% vegetable based - it's amazing.

3. Since we're indulging in salt, we might as well take it to the sugar next. Definitely heading to the Sweet Factory to stock up on sour strips, sour gummis, sour rope...well, all things sour...for our movie night. Can't resist. A sour war head battle with the boyfriend is a must. It's my one excuse a year to eat as much junky candy as I want. No organic gummi bears from Whole Foods for me tonight!

4. What am I wearing? Obviously this fabulous Honeycomb Cardigan I'll be picking up later from vince. at Fashion Valley when I go on the sugar run. It's perfect to cuddle up in, and perfect to camouflage in. Pairing it with Burberry leggings, a James Perse ribbed tee, and maybe some obnoxiously soft socks.

5. Obviously a messy bun will be the statement. Standard.

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