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Monday, October 8, 2012

L.V. Gets Glitzy For Fall 2012

This weekend we took a trip to Fashion Valley Mall, San Diego, to do a little weekend shopping and check out the new Louis Vuitton store expansion that just opened up to the public. What a fabulous store - it's huge and is one out of the three stores in the United States (the other two stores located in NYC and San Francisco) that carries the Louis Vuitton Cup Collection Spring 2012 in celebration of America's Cup.

Louis Vuitton Cup Collection Spring 2012
To make a long story short...which is hard seeing that we spent a very long time browsing around the store...I fell in love with the sequins for Fall 2012. My boyfriend absolutely hated them. I picked up a giant bowling bag style with monogrammed sequins (similar print to the speedy I featured above, but in a bright fuchsia color) and while I drooled over it, he couldn't be more disgusted. I told him that he would totally dump me for a bitch with this bag, and he said he would dump me if I got the bag. This boy doesn't have conservative taste in fashion (hello, Prada sneakers, Herm├Ęs orange, and Moncler vests) but he definitely took a frigid approach to this gem.
Check out the collection...

What are your thoughts on the glitz?



  1. Haha this is hilarious, My boyfriend would probably say tehe same darn thing. i still haven't seen the expansion @ Fashion I'm definetly going to have to check it out.

    The more glitz teh better in my opinion :)


    1. I'm so with you there diva! The more glitz the better! You have to check it out, you'll love. Be sure to pick up the bag I am talking about...even if you don't leave the store with it, it's fabulous glitz to hold! Xo.

  2. so cuuuteee :)


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