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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween on a Wednesday...When to Dress Up?

So this year, Halloween falls on October 31st...pretty standard. Sadly though, this means that Halloween will be on a Wednesday this year. Pretty much the worst day for this holiday to fall on...after Monday and Tuesday, of course.

Why can't Halloween always be on a Friday like Thanksgiving is always on a Thursday???

Anyway, I'm sure a lot of you are wondering when you should dress up in your fabulous Halloween costume this year.

P.S. I don't say costumes with an S because you are only allowed one. That's right. No going to 5 parties this year and dressing up in 5 different costumes. Don't act like an inexperienced party goer, freshman year of college. If you want to ruin yourself by participating in multiple acts of debauchery over a holiday that is technically only supposed to be celebrated one day out of the year, go for it...but, I'm only allowing you one costume.

Now getting back to the issue of when to dress up this year...

Do you dress up the weekend before Halloween? Do you dress up the weekend after Halloween? Do you dress up every day of the week because of Halloween falling in the middle of the week?

Those of you who are looking forward to dressing up both weekends surrounding Halloween are amateurs at not just partying, but life in general.

Dress up the weekend prior to Halloween.

If you dress up for Halloween in November, you are an idiot.

I hope that answers your question.



  1. what are some good costumes for a weekday halloween at work? I love dressing up but I'm always at a loss at what to be that's work appropriate.

    1. Anything with accessories is good! Cat (ears), witch (hat), etc. - that way you don't have to worry about dressing in full costume and take it as far as you want. I'll be sure and put together a fun costume post soon! Xo.

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  4. You're right. It would be much easier if Halloween fell on a Friday every year. xx


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