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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dressing Up Diva Daughters For Halloween.


When I was little, finding a costume to dress up in for Trick-or-Treating was never an issue. Princess dresses, ballet tutus, and ruby slippers were my entire wardrobe until I was in 1st grade. Having a mother that could sew anything purple, poofy and sparkly into an out of this world glitzy creation helped too - her talent behind the sewing machine is still something that I take full advantage of to this day.

These costumes though, take dressing up divas to another level...

 Breakfast at Tiffany's



A few other ideas for dressing up your Diva Daughter other than as a Disney Princess:

1. Coppertone Girl - bikini, curly hair, a puppy.
2. Mermaid - long hair, shiny tail, seashells.
3. Dorothy - red sparkly shoes, braids, again...a puppy.
4. Little Red Riding Hood - red cape, frilly skirt, rosy cheeks.
5. Ballerina - tutu, ballet slippers, bun.
6. Fairy - wings, glitter, ballet slippers optional.
7. Gypsy - jewelry, jewelry, and more jewelry.
8. Witch - black hat, broom stick, magic spells.
9. Genie - 1 wish, 2 wish, 3 wish...again with the magic.
10. Barbie - shoes, Ken, and a red corvette.


  1. Oh how adorable is this post! Well if I had a daughter my choice would be Dorothy or the Ballerina! Just the choices are endless for girls. LOVE IT!

    Happy Halloween. xoxo


    1. LOVE those! Happy Halloween to you too darling! Xo.

  2. OMG the Starbucks cup is hilarious!! Can't wait to have a daughter to dress her up!

    1. So funny! I died when I saw that one. Go Starbucks. Xo.


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