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Monday, October 22, 2012

Delectable Denim

After a weekend of hot yoga classes, the smell of gluten free brownies baking in the oven (they were actually really good...our trick: adding a skinny cow individual ice cream to melt on top!), and movies cuddled up underneath a pile of blankets and a poodle, it is officially Fall.

Now here's my prediction...denim.

Two years ago it was leggings resembling sausage casing, last year was a modified improvement of this - plus the addition of "jeggings" - and now darlings, it will be denim. Don't worry, no True Religions that keep on givin' - it's all about the fun modest colors (no tacky brights) and subtle prints (think snakeskin), along with a few classics (beloved J Brands) and great fabrics (leather and velvet, oh my).

I was totally over 7 For All Mankind, but for this season I'm obsessed!

Here are a few of my favorite picks out right now...

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