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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Halloween List.

This past Saturday a group of us went out for a fun Halloween celebration downtown San Diego. So, we can check dressing up this year officially off the to-do list - checkkk! Although I technically could still dress up tomorrow (i.e. Halloween on a Wednesday...When to Dress up?), I think my champagne liver will have to pass.

If you're like me and are done dressing up, but still want to participate in some of the Halloween festivities (and are unfortunately too old to be trick-or-treating), check out some of these options I'll be partaking in on the night of the 31st and join the fun...

1. Watching "Carrie Bradshaw" as her not so fashionable self in Hocus Pocus is a spooky change up from strutting around the city in Jimmy Choo's to flying around on a mop.

2. While on the topic of salt, I also plan on eating a cauldron full of Henri's French Onion Soup (found on The Curvy Carrot) - this is super similar to my mother's recipe, 100% vegetable based - it's amazing.

3. Since we're indulging in salt, we might as well take it to the sugar next. Definitely heading to the Sweet Factory to stock up on sour strips, sour gummis, sour rope...well, all things sour...for our movie night. Can't resist. A sour war head battle with the boyfriend is a must. It's my one excuse a year to eat as much junky candy as I want. No organic gummi bears from Whole Foods for me tonight!

4. What am I wearing? Obviously this fabulous Honeycomb Cardigan I'll be picking up later from vince. at Fashion Valley when I go on the sugar run. It's perfect to cuddle up in, and perfect to camouflage in. Pairing it with Burberry leggings, a James Perse ribbed tee, and maybe some obnoxiously soft socks.

5. Obviously a messy bun will be the statement. Standard.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dressing Up Diva Daughters For Halloween.


When I was little, finding a costume to dress up in for Trick-or-Treating was never an issue. Princess dresses, ballet tutus, and ruby slippers were my entire wardrobe until I was in 1st grade. Having a mother that could sew anything purple, poofy and sparkly into an out of this world glitzy creation helped too - her talent behind the sewing machine is still something that I take full advantage of to this day.

These costumes though, take dressing up divas to another level...

 Breakfast at Tiffany's



A few other ideas for dressing up your Diva Daughter other than as a Disney Princess:

1. Coppertone Girl - bikini, curly hair, a puppy.
2. Mermaid - long hair, shiny tail, seashells.
3. Dorothy - red sparkly shoes, braids, again...a puppy.
4. Little Red Riding Hood - red cape, frilly skirt, rosy cheeks.
5. Ballerina - tutu, ballet slippers, bun.
6. Fairy - wings, glitter, ballet slippers optional.
7. Gypsy - jewelry, jewelry, and more jewelry.
8. Witch - black hat, broom stick, magic spells.
9. Genie - 1 wish, 2 wish, 3 wish...again with the magic.
10. Barbie - shoes, Ken, and a red corvette.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Boot it Up: Socks to the Knees.

I love the look of long socks coming up just past a pair of fabulous high leather boots. The knit cloth contrasts with shiny (or distressed) leather and creates a textured, urban compliment. My favorite place to stock up on these fun pairs of long socks are off the shelves of Free People. They have a great selection of tall socks and leg warmers to choose from that are thin enough to slip perfectly into any boot:

My favorite star currently rocking this style:

Annalynne McCord

P.S. Be on the lookout for ones like these if you're concerned about toe crunching!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Indulgent Mouthfuls: Caramel Stuffed Apple Cider Cookies.

If you've ever taken a look at my pinterest, you already know my obsession with anything that Julia Child would put into her mouth. I'm a huge health nut, but when it comes down to pinning things, the more butter and sugar - the better! Baked goods are the ultimate bliss (i.e. Indulgent Mouthfuls) and carbs are my forté. Thankfully, I'm too busy making reservations to even bother to cook any of this nonsense, but I still like to browse.

This weekend however, I found an amazing recipe for Caramel Stuffed Apple Cider Cookies off of Scrambled Henfruit's blog that I'm determined to try! My boyfriend is crazy for caramel and so is my Dad, so this will be the perfect way to bake a batch and feed them off fast.

These are perfect for chilly nights with some spiked apple cider or mulled wine. I know I'll be sure to sneak a few bites along with my sips...

  • 1 cup softened butter
  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 box (7.4 oz) Alpine Spiced Apple Cider Instant Original Drink mix, 10 packets
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 3 cups all purpose flour
  • 1 bag Kraft Caramels (14 oz)

  • Preheat oven to 350° F. Line cookie sheets with parchment. (You really need the parchment!)
  • In a small bowl whisk together flour, baking soda, baking powder and cinnamon.
  • With your mixer (or an energetic spoon) cream together butter, sugar, salt and all 10 packages of apple cider drink mix powder, until light and fluffy.
  • Beat in eggs, one at a time. Add vanilla and mix well.
  • Gradually add flour mixture to butter/egg mixture. Mix until just combined.
  • Refrigerate for about an hour. (If you're really impatient you don't have to do this, but it makes it so much easier to work with.)
  • When you are ready to bake, unwrap your caramels. 
  • Scoop out cookie dough ball about the size of a walnut. (I used a rounded cookie scoop-full. My scoop holds about a Tablespoon.)
  • Flatten the ball of dough slightly in the palm of your hand. Press the unwrapped caramel into the center of your dough and seal the dough around it, covering it completely. Place on parchment covered cookie sheets 2 inches apart.
  • Bake 12-14 minutes, or until very lightly browned around the edges. Please don't over-bake! Once the cookies are done, slide the parchment off of the baking sheet right out onto the counter. Allow cookies to partially cool on the parchment. When cookies are cool enough to be firm but still slightly warm, carefully twist off of parchment and allow to finish cooling upside down (either on the parchment or on a rack.) If you forget about them and they cool too much and stick to your parchment, put them into the freezer for a few minutes and they'll pop right off.
  • Yield: about 4 dozen, depending on how large you make your cookies (or how many caramels have been snitched out of your bag before you begin.) Store in an airtight container.

Delectable Denim

After a weekend of hot yoga classes, the smell of gluten free brownies baking in the oven (they were actually really good...our trick: adding a skinny cow individual ice cream to melt on top!), and movies cuddled up underneath a pile of blankets and a poodle, it is officially Fall.

Now here's my prediction...denim.

Two years ago it was leggings resembling sausage casing, last year was a modified improvement of this - plus the addition of "jeggings" - and now darlings, it will be denim. Don't worry, no True Religions that keep on givin' - it's all about the fun modest colors (no tacky brights) and subtle prints (think snakeskin), along with a few classics (beloved J Brands) and great fabrics (leather and velvet, oh my).

I was totally over 7 For All Mankind, but for this season I'm obsessed!

Here are a few of my favorite picks out right now...

Monday, October 15, 2012

Sadee Says Giveaway; Gypsies and Debutantes.

Sadee Says is back and is giving away another fabulous piece to my readers! This time, Sadee Says is gifting from their creative designer, Gypsies and Debutantes, one of the edgy and bold Neon Spike Friendship Bracelets.

These bracelets are super fun to stack and layer up and are a favorite of Demi Lovato! I love all of the bright colors, jewels, and gold spikes - all of my favorites in one! They're made out of woven material so you don't have to worry about these bracelets clinking and rubbing up against other bracelets if you choose to mix an armful out of your fab jewelry box.

Demi Lovato rocking the Neon Spike Friendship Bracelets 
on SELF mag cover!

Here's how to enter:

1. “LIKE” Sadee Says on Facebook
2. "LIKE" Gypsies and Debutantes on Facebook 
3. "LIKE" LisaPriceInc on Facebook
4. Follow Sadee Says on Twitter
5. Follow Gypsies and Debutantes on Twitter
6. Follow me on Twitter as well, and then tweet the following:

“I want to win the @Gypsies_Jewels & @shopsadeesays giveaway
hosted by @LPriceSOright”

Once you’ve done all four steps – make sure you're able to be contacted through your twitter if you are the winner or leave your email on this post!!!

This giveaway will last 1 WEEK from today and end NEXT Monday 10/22/12 at NOON (12 P.M.) P.S.T.

Good luck!

P.S. Be sure to check out the other fabulous pieces by Gypsies and Debutantes and other incredible designers on Sadee Says here:

Friday, October 12, 2012

Embrace Messy Hair.

Messy hairstyles are a yearlong staple for me (and the only natural style that agrees with my unruly hair) - so, now that the rainy weather is starting to trickle in, we can all be sure to rock them. Here are a few of my favorite messy styles that I found off of lisapriceinc's Pinterest that I had to share. No chi flat irons needed, and a DIY trick or two included. Thank me for your hot mess of a head later.

Check out these messy looks...

[D.I.Y. must]

DIY Tricks for Messy Hair:
1.  Condition. Just because your hair looks dry and tangley in the end result doesn't mean you should start off with a damaged, knotted base.

2. Don't be scared to be a tease.

3. Bobby pins, bobby pins, bobby pins. Messy hair doesn't just stay perfectly framed away from the face with volume in all the right places by itself!

4. Bumble and bumble. Surf Spray - self explanatory.

5. Elastics that are the color of your hair, blending in is important.


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween on a Wednesday...When to Dress Up?

So this year, Halloween falls on October 31st...pretty standard. Sadly though, this means that Halloween will be on a Wednesday this year. Pretty much the worst day for this holiday to fall on...after Monday and Tuesday, of course.

Why can't Halloween always be on a Friday like Thanksgiving is always on a Thursday???

Anyway, I'm sure a lot of you are wondering when you should dress up in your fabulous Halloween costume this year.

P.S. I don't say costumes with an S because you are only allowed one. That's right. No going to 5 parties this year and dressing up in 5 different costumes. Don't act like an inexperienced party goer, freshman year of college. If you want to ruin yourself by participating in multiple acts of debauchery over a holiday that is technically only supposed to be celebrated one day out of the year, go for it...but, I'm only allowing you one costume.

Now getting back to the issue of when to dress up this year...

Do you dress up the weekend before Halloween? Do you dress up the weekend after Halloween? Do you dress up every day of the week because of Halloween falling in the middle of the week?

Those of you who are looking forward to dressing up both weekends surrounding Halloween are amateurs at not just partying, but life in general.

Dress up the weekend prior to Halloween.

If you dress up for Halloween in November, you are an idiot.

I hope that answers your question.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Menswear I Don't Jive With.

I have a pretty wide range of taste when it comes to menswear. I like the hipsters, the business men, the Hamptons prepsters, etc. There are a few menswear statements though, that I just can't bring myself to jiving with.

Check the following...

1. Sequins.

2. Knit jackets with an cheap pattern.

3. Polka Dots.

4. Jeans with obvious stitching.

5. Cut offs that resemble women's "pedal pushers."

Rinse yourself of these statements, and never repeat.

For a list of what I do "jive" with, be sure to check out my Menswear Pinterest Board.

Monday, October 8, 2012

L.V. Gets Glitzy For Fall 2012

This weekend we took a trip to Fashion Valley Mall, San Diego, to do a little weekend shopping and check out the new Louis Vuitton store expansion that just opened up to the public. What a fabulous store - it's huge and is one out of the three stores in the United States (the other two stores located in NYC and San Francisco) that carries the Louis Vuitton Cup Collection Spring 2012 in celebration of America's Cup.

Louis Vuitton Cup Collection Spring 2012
To make a long story short...which is hard seeing that we spent a very long time browsing around the store...I fell in love with the sequins for Fall 2012. My boyfriend absolutely hated them. I picked up a giant bowling bag style with monogrammed sequins (similar print to the speedy I featured above, but in a bright fuchsia color) and while I drooled over it, he couldn't be more disgusted. I told him that he would totally dump me for a bitch with this bag, and he said he would dump me if I got the bag. This boy doesn't have conservative taste in fashion (hello, Prada sneakers, Hermès orange, and Moncler vests) but he definitely took a frigid approach to this gem.
Check out the collection...

What are your thoughts on the glitz?


Friday, October 5, 2012

Best Dressed Spotlight: Scarlett Johansson

 Scarlett Johansson

I have never considered Scarlett Johansson to be a fierce fashionista when it comes to her street style, but on the red carpet she absolutely stuns. Goddess status. Here Johansson is attending the Moet & Chandon anniversary event in a gorgeous hunter green peplum dress and basic, but not never boring, pointy-toe pumps. 

Why I love this look:

1. The color! This shade of green is so in for the Fall season and is so complementing to Johansson's coloring.

2. The illusion neckline. Ultra flattering.

3. No accessories needed.

4. Pumps that take no attention away from the dress. Personally, I would have gone with nude though.

5. Make up, make up, make up; flawless.

Highlighted Words