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Friday, September 14, 2012

Victoria Victoria Beckham Spring 2013

I worship Victoria Beckham. Fact. Her newest collection, Victoria Victoria Beckham Spring 2013 sucks. Opinion. V.B.'s style is beyond amazing. Fact. Her designing is slightly amateur. Opinion.

Take a look at the Victoria Victoria Beckham Spring 2013 collection...

 Great fabrics, not when together.

What is with the graphic?

 Cool neckline. Deep V+.

 There we go, fabrics matching.

 Don't love the white to purple transformation.

Sleeves need to be ripped off.
Better, but sleeves still look weird.

 Not collar crazy, print is fun.

 One word V.B., cargo???

 Black and navy fail.

 Sheath should be tighter.

This is just wrong.
 Black & white print. Hate.

Kinda loving the circular flare...

 Print. Cut. Black band. Bad.

 Ok, the worst sleeves yet.

This is pretty.

No comment.

 I like, but not for everyone.

I'll take the shoes.

 Fun, but not posh.

What do you think of the Victoria Victoria Beckham Spring 2013 collection?

I'd love to hear your facts and opinions.
Is there any of it you'd wear?
Any of it you'd rip off to pile on top of my sleeves?


Special thanks to Fashionologie for producing the images for this post.

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  1. These all vaguely remind me of hospital gowns. Yuck.


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