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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Horizontal Stripes: Do or Don't?

Kate Middleton
Navy J Brand skinnies paired with a nautical Smythe blazer

Is there anything this fairytale princess cannot wear? It'd take years of investigating to come up with something this brunette beauty can't pull off - actually, I take that back, the matching cable knit red sweaters with Prince Harry were not a good look - getting straight to the point though, Kate Middleton hands down rocks the horizontal stripes. The main reason why the thick horizontal stripes don't look like a disaster is because the outfit flows. It has consistency (the navy color) and structure (thanks to the royal tailors).

Horizontal stripes can be a blessing or a death sentence. It all depends on how you wear them. And surprisingly enough, it has nothing to do with your shape. Ok, it has a little bit to do with your shape - 400lbs of fat is not going to look good in horizontal stripes, but honestly now, tell me something 400lbs of fat does look good in - but not to the extent as some people think.

The skinniest person in the world could wear stripped pants, but paired with clashing wedges or a badly fitted top and the stripes won't be all that stylishly forgiving. Pulling off horizontal stripes are in no way related to a matter of weight. Get that out of your head, immediately!

How to make your horizontal stripes work:

1. Stick to one color scheme and a base; the base of the horizonal stripes, and the color of the stripes are really the only two colors that should be played with. Unless of course you're going for a Parisian look by pairing a red and white striped tee with navy trousers.

2. Wear your horizontal stripes around a place that you don't mind being left uncovered. If you have huge hips, don't wear a horizontal striped mini skirt. It has nothing to do with the geometrical size of your hips to stripes ratio, but rather the fact that you're drawing attention to that one part. The same reason why you wouldn't wear a bright red leather mini skirt. It's an attention issue, not a stripe issue.

3. Keep pieces simple. Don't go all crazy with the structure on your outfit. The key to making the horizontal stripes work (a structured pattern) is by pairing this structured pattern with other structured elements. Once again, consistency.

4. Watch your textures. Pairing a horizontal striped silk tank with a tweed jacket could be too much. Think of textures as just another pattern to play with. Sometimes horizontal stripes are miraculously pulled off being paired with a floral pattern, but sometimes they're not. This is just something you'll have to play with. When in doubt, keep the textures what? Consistent.

5. Do not accessorize using horizontal stripes. I absolutely detest this pattern on an accessory. I don't care if the hottest designer makes it. Horizontal stripes on a tote make me think of diaper bags, which immediately make me think of poop. Same goes for horizontal striped bangles. WTF, is your jewelry box full of plastic from Claire's? The only acceptable usage of horizontal striped accessorizes is a head scarf - chic.

Ok, you're stressed out now. Want to know the easiest way to pull of horizontal stripes? Dress form...

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