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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Heels & Stockings.

"Heels and stockings are hot."

I was talking with a fashionable male friend of mine (who is straight and single, ladies) and we got into a discussion about heels and stockings. This topic at once, prompted itself as blog worthy. Heels and hot right? Unfortunately it's a dying trend, especially anywhere outside of Paris and New York City. Le Sigh.

BDC: "Summertime the beige ones can be sexy only if a girl has nice legs."
LMP: "I agree. But, who in San Diego do you know that wears beige stockings?"
BDC: "Hooters girls."

Death of trend, proven.

I'm desperate to change this sad extinction around and here are a few ways that you can help me do this, fashionably of course...

Heel: closed toe, ankle strap

Stocking: sheerness, itty bitty pattern

Heel: basic pump, patent leather

Stocking: sheer nudity, long seam

Heel: sky high, matte black

Stocking: thigh high, matte black

Heel: thigh high, decorative boot

Stocking: full leg, sheer with seam

Heel: pointy toe, red sole

Stocking: sideline seam, sheer black

The great thing about heels and stockings is that they are most appropriate for the two extremes; work and play. The only place I really recommend sticking to a bare leg at all times is poolside and at the gym. And dear god, please stay away from colors; sheer or matte.

BDC's personal opinion: "I like dark sheer the best. Thigh high. No fishnets."

Sidenote: If you'd like to get in touch with the dapper bachelor himself, I willingly trade contact information for shoes.

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