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Friday, July 27, 2012

Sushi-ing in Style at Home.

Remember that scene in Sex and the City when Samantha covers herself in sushi for a Valentine's Day surprise? Of course you do, it's impossible not to! Aside from the sushi, she's also serving up pair of fabulous Giuseppe Zanotti Fishbone Sandals - just a quick sidenote.

No, I'm not about to blog about laying yourself nude among little raw fishies. That'd be quite adventurous even for a fashionable reader like yourself. The point I'm trying to make is all about doing sushi at home in a stylish manner!

Sushi-ing at home can be a fun, sexy, and oh so delicious dinner endeavor. As elegant as the 90 degree angles of a pizza box may be, sometimes dinner calls for a one-up every so often. Get rid of those to go boxes and add a fresh new twist to your table.

I've found some amazing pieces that you can incorporate into your next sushi night at home (whether you decide to make your own sushi or order in some delicious sushi to go) without having to "dress down" to Samantha's standards:

If you plan on making sushi at home, check out an article I found - For Sushi at Home, Skip the Fish by Mark Bittman from The New York Times. It certainly gave me a little bit of helpful insight, especially if you're tackling this project for the first time.

I'm definitely dying to try and make my own sushi in the kitchen. Since my boyfriend and tend to always fight over the amount of olive oil used in the kitchen, we should be in the clear with this one! Plus, he's an excellent chopper. 

If you plan on making a fabulous order to go (my specialty), my favorite places to make one through are Love Boat Sushi and Sushi in the Ranch. Delicious and so easy to take out of the box and put directly onto a plate!

Oh, and lastly, since you're not having to walk far for your sushi, I recommend rocking a killer pair of heels for the finishing touch!

Happy Stylishly Sushi-ing!

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