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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Poopy Pink Pastel Pants.

You know what I currently hate? Pink pastel pants.

That's right, I hate them. If you're over the age of 8 and you're currently wearing pink pastel pants or have them sitting in your closet or perhaps you are holding them in your arm waiting in line to buy them, I suggest you switch them out for a bolder pair right now.

I came to this conclusion last week at dinner when a foursome sat down next to us and the two girls were both wearing a pair of pink pastel pants. Not only were they matching on their double date (oops), but they also looked like they were naked under the table (yikes).

This is not a type of "easy" you should be going for...especially not when on a double date for god's sake!

The very next night I spotted a girl walking across the street downtown in a pair of pink pastel cropped pants and nude wedges - I thought she was streaking.

I've got pink pastel pants blaring on my radar.

I love colored jeans, don't get me wrong, I have an entire rainbow of J Brands folded up in a drawer. But, pink pastel pants are just not doing it for me! Unless you are a lovely little twig and have accessorized them to perfection and beat the odd nudity complex that pink pastel pants seem to offer, ditch them immediately.  

Don't even go there. And if you went there, pretend it never happened.

As a disclaimer, I'm all for nudity - nude pumps, nude lips, nude backs - but the pink pastel pant type of nudity is about as sexy as a pig.

And with that, please stay away your poopy pink pastel pants.

The Problem:

 Christina Milian

The Exception:

Miranda Kerr

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