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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Off to the Races! Fashionably, of course...

Del Mar Race Track

My favorite holiday out of the entire year is here once again, Opening Day at the Del Mar Race Track! I look forward to this day like a child still believing in Santa Claus looks forward to Christmas Day.

The pretty ponies, the short summer dresses, the printed pocket squares...oh, and fabulous bottles of bubbly galore!

I would go into further description of this amazing event, but it would only be with horrible negativity due to the fact that I will not be attending this year.

That being said...only because I know best, will I post on this topic and give you a little guidance on what to wear. I still want you bitches to look your best.

Here is everything you need to know about what to (and not to) wear for opening day...I will try to be as nice as possible...

1. Wear a hat. I don't want to hear the "I look stupid in hats, so I didn't wear one" excuse. I look absolutely ridiculous in every hat imaginable (other than a fedora) and I wear one with my head held high every single year. It is in fact, the only day out of the entire year that I do wear a hat. So, you better wear one too. It's tradition. If you don't want to wear a hat and support tradition, then don't bother going to opening day...go the following weekend.

2. Leave your Herve Leger on the hanger. Who the hell wears Herve Leger in sunlight anyway? I see countless girls flaunting their $700 - $1,600 dress like its race track couture every year. I am the biggest fan of Herve Leger (as you've seen me post countless posts on it, just search Herve Leger on my blog and it will come up dozens of times)...but not for the track. There's the exception for the exception for the exception, but if you're looking for advice on what to wear listen to me on this one as I am a strong believer that Herve Leger looks ridiculous on opening day...even at the after parties.

3. Don't wear flats. Last year I broke my foot in Vegas the week before opening day and was limping around miserably like a cripple. My boyfriend actually suggested before we left that I "wear flats" - is he out of his mind??? If I had a choice between wearing flats to opening day and not attending at all, you better bet your pony money that I'd rather be sitting on my butt at home. I strapped on the most stable pair of Jimmy Choo's that I owned, downed a couple pain killers with a bottle of champagne and had the best time of my life. Fashion over flats, always.

4. Take a clutch. Since when did a huge bag compliment a short little dress? Never. Downsize your bag to match your dress. Also, opening day is absolutely mad. There are crazy people running all over the place with a drink overspilling in their hand and the last thing you want to do is have one of the idiots run into your perfect white Valentino bag the size of a limo and spill their red wine all over it. Carry a clutch to avoid this traffic disaster.

5. My thoughts on black? I'm neutral on this black subject. I wore a chic little black Lanvin dress to opening day three years ago and felt fabulously thin in it. Two years ago I opted for a printed black and white Chanel backless sundress and last year my dress of choice was a silk Dolce and Gabbana colorful printed dress with black lace accents...obviously I don't have a problem with black. When I think horse races and summertime my mind always goes to white, but unfortunately my dark sense of fashion usually doesn't end up in that same direction. I'm ok with black on this day. Just make sure it's fun.

6. Matching your hat to your dress. Totally not necessary. When shopping for an outfit for opening day you ask yourself, "should I find the perfect dress and then find a hat to match or should I find a killer hat and match a dress to the hat?" Honestly, you don't need to do either. This is the one day where you can rock a bright coral dress with a cobalt blue. It doesn't have to match. Have fun with what you choose. If you decided to be matchy matchy, love it. If you decide to be a walking contrast, work it.

7. Sunglasses optional. Yes, it's most likely going to be a bright sunny day...but, most likely you will be under shade. Also, you are wearing that hat we talked about in #1! So sunglasses, totally optional. I personally would rather not bring them because you're walking in and out having to take them off and on and with a clutch, where are you going to put them? I think it's easier to leave them at home, but if you want to go for a fabulous incognito look with your hat and shades, by all means go for it.

8. Do remember your jewelry. Jewelry is the best thing to accompany a hat after all! I saw a woman two years ago in Chanel everything. She had stacks of Chanel jewelry on, was wearing a white Chanel shift dress, quilted Chanel kitten heels, a Chanel hat, and an incredible Chanel silk scarf wrapped around the Chanel hat and pinned with a Chanel brooch. Over kill? Like no other. But, oh my god did she look incredible! Pile on your jewelry, but do remember how ridiculous hot it will be. Today may not be the best day for arm candy covering your entire forearm. A bejeweled ring or two and statement earrings are great choices.

9. Button up your man's shirt. Should you choose to come with a date to this fun event, be sure he keeps his shirt buttoned up. The longer into the event you go, the tequila keeps being poured, and your man's shirt gets unbuttoned lower and lower and lower. I see this every year, even with the most attractively dressed men. I know it's hot and you are required to wear a jacket in Turf Club, but please keep those buttons buttoned!

10. Don't be entire uncomfortable. This day is long! You have a lot of galavanting around to do. I know I bitched at you about flats and wearing a wretched hat and so forth, but do be sure that you're comfortable in your attire. You want to be able to have fun on this day and remaining seated at a reserved table while your friends are hanging over the ledge cheering on a winning pony they just bet on is not fun. The secret to comfort in these dressed up situations is proper fit. Remember that.

 My Fair Lady

With this advice, I hope you feel confident in putting together a fabulous look for yourself. I have faith that you will be the winning bet tomorrow. If you have any questions or need any styling advice, I will be at your hand, seeing that I have no salon appointments or last minute pick-ups from Neimans distracting me this year (although, no guarantees that I won't be there all day tomorrow shopping away my sadness with Couture).

Have fun darlings, off to the races you go!

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