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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mercedes "MJ" Javid from Bravo TV's Shahs of Sunset, and a sa-lave to fashion!

Very seldom does a fashion obsession of mine occur from watching reality TV. Let me tell you though, very recently I became obsessed with Persian fashionista, Mercedes "MJ" Javid, who stars on Bravo TV's reality show series Shahs of Sunset. 

Mercedes "MJ" Javid
She rocks sky high heels and is a fierce sa-lave to fashion. I'm absolutely obsessed with her look and desperately want to raid her enormous walk-in closet. Serious props to this diva's couture wardrobe and styling to boot. I got the chance to talk with her about her amazing sense of fashion and got the inside scoop directly, well, out of her closet.

Check out the fab interview I had with MJ...

LMP: You always look fabulously put together whether you're on the job (showing houses in killer heels)  or in Vegas (partying poolside), how would you describe your personal style?
MJ: Why thanks, Lisa! Truth be told, I've been a sa-lave to  fashion since I was old enough to dress myself; meaning age 3 or 4.   My childhood girlfriends had to wait for hours while I rummage around my room with stalk piles of the coolest, most cutting edge labels, before I found something "suitable" for our outing--- ride our bikes to the local ice-cream parlor, or the arcade.  Pretty ridiculous, but I was exposed to high fashion at high end department stores  like Lord & Taylor,  Garfinkel's, Sak's & Niemens, so I was ruined from jump street about what I thought  was cool.   As a result,  I think my fashion style is daring, somewhat effortless, and with sex appeal.  I say "daring" because I push the limits  of fashion in spite of my voluptuous physique. I say "effortless" because I won't wear something that looks forced on me, or  provocative. The sex appeal is really a result of succeeding in a & b. If you make good choices about how to dress yourself, you will exude that confidence and everyone can attest that confidence is your best weapon when comes to fashion.

LMP: About how long does it take you on average to get ready for the day?
MJ: I take forever—like an hour doing nothing!   But seriously,  I have oily skin, so I don't like to slather on daily moisturizer.  I usually use a brow brush to strategically  apply moisturizer to my eye brows, under eyes, and neck.  Then its a bronzer, blush lip gloss, liner, and I can not do my own hair anymore. I simply suck at it, and I turn my head over to the hands of a pro.

LMP: Favorite colors to wear?
MJ: My fave colors to wear are usually colors others are afraid to wear. I.e.  Tribal prints, and floral patterns in jeans or harem pants, and I love to get really tan in the summer and rock the neons colors coral, fuscia, yellow and green.

LMP: Who is your very favorite shoe designer?
MJ: Just one?? Not fair!!!!! My number requirement is that they are SKY HIGH HEELS. And lady, I can walk well in any shoe. My number is Guisseppe Zanotti, then Christian LeBoutin, Fendi, Versace.

LMP: What is one item in your closet that you will never get rid of?
MJ: I will NEVER get rid of my first pair of haute couture Vivienne Westwood platform heels.  They were the highest heel shoe , like circus stilts, I had ever seen.  They were  featured on September Elle by supermodel Helena Christiansen who was my supermodel idol..and I was on summer vacation with my family, called New York and had them shipped to the resort on my  mom's AMEX without her permission.  Price?  obscene.. Double than an average le boutin today..  I was way too young to even wear them.  It was years until I would have been old enough but today I rock them every  Halloween because have a fantasy Alice in Wonderland style.

LMP: What about one item in your closet that your mother begs you to toss?
MJ: My mother?  Good God, Anything short or  sequin.  Something short and sequin and she becomes hysterical.   I'll get a life long lecture for not appreciating the value of a dollar, blah blah blah.

LMP: Where are some of your favorite places to dress up for in LA?
MJ: I haven't changed much since I was 4 years old, dear.  Any occasion is an occasion to dress well, appropriately well for the event.  Most days its a combination of dividing the day showing property and lunching with colleagues, so again I will push the envelope of what is business appropriate along with fun youth ful summer trend.  What do I do every day?  Lunch, dinner, clubs, gym shopping.  If you see me our looking "shady" it must mean I'm sick and forced to run an errand for chicken soup.   

LMP: Living in the Hollywood Hills, you're obviously very familiar with celebrities. Which celebrity do you think has a great sense of style? 
MJ: LOVE Nicole Richie's style. House of Harlow is a fab accessory line as well.

LMP: I love how you rock shorts when going out - it's one of my favorite looks for myself too - who makes some of your favorite pairs? 
MJ: My fave are some Marc Jacobs, Dolce & Gabbana, & ZARA.

LMP: Lastly, if you could say one thing about Reza's style, what would you say? 
MJ: I think Reza's style is like a classic 1980's endless summer, dapper Persian. Kind of like circa 1980's when men worked it better and nowadays you only see this style his kind of swagger in the south of France.

Reza Farahan

With that, be sure to stay tuned for season 2 of the Shahs of Sunset that will be hitting Bravo TV in the near future and check out more of MJ's fabulous wardrobe and serious style!

 The cast of Shahs of Sunset;

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