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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mastering the Perfect Brow.

Eyebrows are an accessory to your face. Think of them like a beautiful fox shrug draping over your Herve Leger. Big deal. Lets keep them maintained.

How you decide you want to shape your eyebrows is entirely a matter of personal preference (I mean, how much personal can you's your face!) I myself, love full eyebrows - not to be confused with thick - but I really do admire the skillful "evil" eyebrow as well, ever so slightly curving upwards at the perfect angle at the arch.

Figure out what suits your face and go with it...preferably, to the professionals.

DIY eyebrows are so over. I will not pick up a tweezer unless there is a gun pointed to my head.

Here are a few places that I recommend going for the perfect brow...

Benefit Cosmetics Brow Bar is my absolute favorite. The technique they use in shaping your brows is 100% unique to your face. They use a system of measuring that relates your eyebrow shape to your bone structure. I can go to any of Benefit Cosmetics Brow Bars and leave with a consistently fabulous shape. During the last trip we took to San Francisco, my boyfriend and I had horribly groomed eyebrows upon landing (which were critiqued by each other the entire flight), so we booked it straight to the Brow Bar in Macy's before shopping the day away. Our eyebrows were perfection for the rest of the trip.

I adore heading into Brow Lounge because not only is it located across the block from Lululemon, but the decor is just beyond chic. I would seriously sit inside this little place for hours. I don't have any funny stories relating to getting my brows done here (probably because I have yet to drag my boyfriend along with me), but it's such a cute place and the results are immaculate.

I'm obsessed with Brazilia Skincare. Not only is this the most amazing place for facials - but they offer incredible deals (and obviously, results) on waxing. Scheduling an appointment is super easy here, they're always beyond accommodating, and you're in and out no problem...that is, if you can walk past the products in time. I end up turning a $20 brow wax into a $200 appointment because I can't leave without buying a thousand different products - the product lines they carry (and use during your treatments) are ridiculously life changing.

Other places to check out: The Hive Waxing Salon and Brows by Melissa (I don't frequent these often because they're out of my neck of the woods, but they offer great results.)
Stay away from: European Wax Center where I have had the worst experiences of my life. I don't have time to list those right now, but I will gladly go into detail for those who inquire.


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