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Monday, July 2, 2012

The Fishtail.

 The Fishtail.

Finally, we're in July and summer has been officially kicked off - bring on the skinny mojitos, bright bikinis, and boys BBQing! I'll be posting about my favorite warm weather trends all summer long, but this one I had to get in before the 4th - the Fishtail.

I love this look on gorgeously long sun kissed locks, but there are plenty of ways to do this even if your hair isn't at it's maximum L&V (length and volume) potential.

I've been trying to grow out my hair desperately after chopping it up and killing it with color during my fedora wearing phase and it still isn't exactly where I want it to be...but it's getting there. I've ditched the expensive salon shampoos and conditioners (they dry out hair like crazy!) and gone to huge economy bottles of Maine 'n Tail - the same shampoo my sister uses on her horses! I only style my hair with heat when I go out, and Moroccanoil® is my roots best friend.

Here are a few amazing Fishtail looks that I'm loving right now...

 Messy in the front, tight at the end.

 Softly woven, center braid.

 Blake Lively rocking the Fishtail.

Miniature Fishtail half-up.
(perfect option for shorter hair!)

Loose and neatly to the side. 

Not sure how to do the Fishtail type of braid? Yeah, me either! 

Here's your resources:

 Technique in Steps

Your Visual

Tips on working the Fishtail no matter what your length:

1. Braid it up as tight or as loose as your want, but choose a tightness that agrees with your face - you don't need anyone to tell you what looks'll know instantly while looking in the mirror.

2. Play with textures! Messy, sleek, a mix of both, you name it.

3. Add in fun ribbons down the braid to give it an edge, or tie with an elastic matching your hair (or clear) to create a classic look.

4. Switch up sides. If you are braiding all the time on one side only your hair will loose volume on the other side and start to break - not good!

5. The dirtier your hair, the better it will hold. This doesn't mean attempting the Fishtail after a week of not washing, but give it a day or two or spray in dry shampoo for a little more grime.

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