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Monday, July 23, 2012

Del Mar Racetrack Opening Day 2012

Sean Zanganeh and I arriving in Turf Club
Sean Zanganeh; Ralph Lauren Purple label shirt, Banana Republic jacket, Hermès woven tie, Ralph Lauren pants, Hermès belt, Santoni Orange label shoes.

Lisa Price; Hermès washed silk scarf (140), Herve Leger red bandage skirt, Chanel purse, Hermès wedges, Del Mar Hat Co. black hat, Hermès bracelets mixed with various Arm Candy by Beso Beso.

What an incredible day at the races last week! We ended up going last minute - surprise, surprise - and had a fabulous time dressing up, betting on the pretty ponies, people watching Del Mar's finest (and most disastrous), and enjoying endless bottles of champagne.

The highlights of Opening Day 2012:

1. My friend's colorful monogrammed Louis Vuitton bag that matched her hat and her phone and brilliantly held (and perfectly hid) a shoe bag for a shoe change mid-races.

2. Spotted: A girl wearing an American Apparel dress and after partying with bare feet at SIP at Flavor Del Mar. She was also rocking a classic Chanel bag with suspicious looking flap stitches - real or fake, what do you think?

3. The bigger the hat, the more botox injections were had the days prior to opening day. This seemed to be a popular trend in Turf Club.

4. Sean Zanganeh's tie. He got more compliments on it than any woman did on her outfit that day.

5. Men and women walking around with straws in champagne bottles because 1.) the bartenders ran out of champagne flutes and 2.) champagne is just more economical by the bottle than the glass.

How I created my top:

So simple! I took my Hermès scarf (size 140) and knotted two corners next to each other together, hooked the ends around my neck, and then tied the bottom two around my waist to fit! There are so many fabulous other ways to do this - all you need is a little 4 x 4 fabric and a hand that knots tightly!

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