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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bold Neutrals.

Whoever said going neutral isn't bold is dead wrong. I despise this statement because it is such a fashion stereotype. There are so many ways to play with only neutrals and create a bold effect. It can be tricky to do if you don't think out of the box, but it is so flawlessly fabulous once achieved.

Check out a few looks that I picked out that tackled this neutralistic boldness to a T...

Here are a few ways to bolden up your neutrals:

1. Stick to the solids. You will get a stronger contrast between neutral solids than with neutral patterns.

2. Don't fear mixing tones. Black and white, tan and brown - wrong! Mix them all up. Layer a black base with tan accents, rock white jeans with brown wedges and a black handbag...possibilities are endless.

3. Don't fade your neutrals. Brown neutral tones don't have to be blah. A vibrant brown is fabulously bold even though it is still considered a "neutral tone." Pick your browns strongly - they will contrast to perfection with any other neutral hue.

4. Blush is a neutral dream come true. You can work with blush colors and create an amazing neutral look...whether you pair your blush with other rouges or with creams or with blacks...blush is the unspoken neutral color that I'm strongly discussing with you now.

5. Rock bold make up in non-neutral hues. This instantly makes a neutral look bolder than ever - and it's not even considered cheating since it's going on your face.

Oh, and don't worry - I didn't forget about the men - check out this inspiration for a neutrally bold look for him...

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