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Monday, July 30, 2012

Are you there Fashion God, it's me, Melanie Laurent.

 Melanie Laurent

Melanie Laurent attends a party for Killer Joe in New York City in an outfit that absolutely kills. And when I say kills, I do not mean it in a good way. Nude pumps, excellent, everything else, disaster.

P.S. That "Marigold Draped Dress" that WHOWHATWEAR publishes as Look of the Day does not necessarily mean it's the best look of the day...just a look. Applause.

Oh, and just a sidenote, a friendly reader states that the "Marigold Draped Dress" is from Zara. After conducting research on this reader's statement, I have evidence to 100% back it up. No wonder they didn't say who the outfit was by directly. Can't stop laughing.

Not that there is anything wrong with wearing Zara, but when it looks like someone squeezed a tube of mustard on you and didn't bother to spread it around with a knife, darling, the situation is just beyond wrong. That is all.

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