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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fifty Shades Makeover.

I began reading 50 Shades of Grey by E L James...and finished the last page of the entire trilogy about a week later. I couldn't put the damn book down. And neither could the rest of the female population...

Women on both sides of my elliptical at the gym were reading about Fifty Shades, women in the courtyard of my office during lunch break were reading about Fifty Shades, women sitting at Starbucks sipping their lattes were reading about Fifty Shades.

Women all over the world have all fallen madly and desperately in love with Christian Grey and all of his motherFCUKing fifty shades.

Unfortunately for the men in our lives, they're left a bit...jealous.

Obviously, this should be no concern. As much as we like to pretend Christian Grey will dump Ana and use his stalking techniques to find us, whisk us up in his helicopter, and take us to his playroom, only to later fall deeply in love us and give us the entire world at our Cartier decorated will not happen. 

Fictional or not however, Christian Grey's style is one thing we can make real. And what better trait of Fifty Shades is there to makeover your man with?

Fifty Shades Makeover:




Oh, and don't forget the jeans... 

I looked everywhere online for a pair to feature in this post. I found absolutely none worthy enough of to be the playroom jeans of Christian Grey. I recommend checking Bloomingdales (as they have a fantastic denim department in all of there stores) or Barneys (great distressed styles).

Monday, July 30, 2012

Are you there Fashion God, it's me, Melanie Laurent.

 Melanie Laurent

Melanie Laurent attends a party for Killer Joe in New York City in an outfit that absolutely kills. And when I say kills, I do not mean it in a good way. Nude pumps, excellent, everything else, disaster.

P.S. That "Marigold Draped Dress" that WHOWHATWEAR publishes as Look of the Day does not necessarily mean it's the best look of the day...just a look. Applause.

Oh, and just a sidenote, a friendly reader states that the "Marigold Draped Dress" is from Zara. After conducting research on this reader's statement, I have evidence to 100% back it up. No wonder they didn't say who the outfit was by directly. Can't stop laughing.

Not that there is anything wrong with wearing Zara, but when it looks like someone squeezed a tube of mustard on you and didn't bother to spread it around with a knife, darling, the situation is just beyond wrong. That is all.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Sushi-ing in Style at Home.

Remember that scene in Sex and the City when Samantha covers herself in sushi for a Valentine's Day surprise? Of course you do, it's impossible not to! Aside from the sushi, she's also serving up pair of fabulous Giuseppe Zanotti Fishbone Sandals - just a quick sidenote.

No, I'm not about to blog about laying yourself nude among little raw fishies. That'd be quite adventurous even for a fashionable reader like yourself. The point I'm trying to make is all about doing sushi at home in a stylish manner!

Sushi-ing at home can be a fun, sexy, and oh so delicious dinner endeavor. As elegant as the 90 degree angles of a pizza box may be, sometimes dinner calls for a one-up every so often. Get rid of those to go boxes and add a fresh new twist to your table.

I've found some amazing pieces that you can incorporate into your next sushi night at home (whether you decide to make your own sushi or order in some delicious sushi to go) without having to "dress down" to Samantha's standards:

If you plan on making sushi at home, check out an article I found - For Sushi at Home, Skip the Fish by Mark Bittman from The New York Times. It certainly gave me a little bit of helpful insight, especially if you're tackling this project for the first time.

I'm definitely dying to try and make my own sushi in the kitchen. Since my boyfriend and tend to always fight over the amount of olive oil used in the kitchen, we should be in the clear with this one! Plus, he's an excellent chopper. 

If you plan on making a fabulous order to go (my specialty), my favorite places to make one through are Love Boat Sushi and Sushi in the Ranch. Delicious and so easy to take out of the box and put directly onto a plate!

Oh, and lastly, since you're not having to walk far for your sushi, I recommend rocking a killer pair of heels for the finishing touch!

Happy Stylishly Sushi-ing!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mastering the Perfect Brow.

Eyebrows are an accessory to your face. Think of them like a beautiful fox shrug draping over your Herve Leger. Big deal. Lets keep them maintained.

How you decide you want to shape your eyebrows is entirely a matter of personal preference (I mean, how much personal can you's your face!) I myself, love full eyebrows - not to be confused with thick - but I really do admire the skillful "evil" eyebrow as well, ever so slightly curving upwards at the perfect angle at the arch.

Figure out what suits your face and go with it...preferably, to the professionals.

DIY eyebrows are so over. I will not pick up a tweezer unless there is a gun pointed to my head.

Here are a few places that I recommend going for the perfect brow...

Benefit Cosmetics Brow Bar is my absolute favorite. The technique they use in shaping your brows is 100% unique to your face. They use a system of measuring that relates your eyebrow shape to your bone structure. I can go to any of Benefit Cosmetics Brow Bars and leave with a consistently fabulous shape. During the last trip we took to San Francisco, my boyfriend and I had horribly groomed eyebrows upon landing (which were critiqued by each other the entire flight), so we booked it straight to the Brow Bar in Macy's before shopping the day away. Our eyebrows were perfection for the rest of the trip.

I adore heading into Brow Lounge because not only is it located across the block from Lululemon, but the decor is just beyond chic. I would seriously sit inside this little place for hours. I don't have any funny stories relating to getting my brows done here (probably because I have yet to drag my boyfriend along with me), but it's such a cute place and the results are immaculate.

I'm obsessed with Brazilia Skincare. Not only is this the most amazing place for facials - but they offer incredible deals (and obviously, results) on waxing. Scheduling an appointment is super easy here, they're always beyond accommodating, and you're in and out no problem...that is, if you can walk past the products in time. I end up turning a $20 brow wax into a $200 appointment because I can't leave without buying a thousand different products - the product lines they carry (and use during your treatments) are ridiculously life changing.

Other places to check out: The Hive Waxing Salon and Brows by Melissa (I don't frequent these often because they're out of my neck of the woods, but they offer great results.)
Stay away from: European Wax Center where I have had the worst experiences of my life. I don't have time to list those right now, but I will gladly go into detail for those who inquire.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mercedes "MJ" Javid from Bravo TV's Shahs of Sunset, and a sa-lave to fashion!

Very seldom does a fashion obsession of mine occur from watching reality TV. Let me tell you though, very recently I became obsessed with Persian fashionista, Mercedes "MJ" Javid, who stars on Bravo TV's reality show series Shahs of Sunset. 

Mercedes "MJ" Javid
She rocks sky high heels and is a fierce sa-lave to fashion. I'm absolutely obsessed with her look and desperately want to raid her enormous walk-in closet. Serious props to this diva's couture wardrobe and styling to boot. I got the chance to talk with her about her amazing sense of fashion and got the inside scoop directly, well, out of her closet.

Check out the fab interview I had with MJ...

LMP: You always look fabulously put together whether you're on the job (showing houses in killer heels)  or in Vegas (partying poolside), how would you describe your personal style?
MJ: Why thanks, Lisa! Truth be told, I've been a sa-lave to  fashion since I was old enough to dress myself; meaning age 3 or 4.   My childhood girlfriends had to wait for hours while I rummage around my room with stalk piles of the coolest, most cutting edge labels, before I found something "suitable" for our outing--- ride our bikes to the local ice-cream parlor, or the arcade.  Pretty ridiculous, but I was exposed to high fashion at high end department stores  like Lord & Taylor,  Garfinkel's, Sak's & Niemens, so I was ruined from jump street about what I thought  was cool.   As a result,  I think my fashion style is daring, somewhat effortless, and with sex appeal.  I say "daring" because I push the limits  of fashion in spite of my voluptuous physique. I say "effortless" because I won't wear something that looks forced on me, or  provocative. The sex appeal is really a result of succeeding in a & b. If you make good choices about how to dress yourself, you will exude that confidence and everyone can attest that confidence is your best weapon when comes to fashion.

LMP: About how long does it take you on average to get ready for the day?
MJ: I take forever—like an hour doing nothing!   But seriously,  I have oily skin, so I don't like to slather on daily moisturizer.  I usually use a brow brush to strategically  apply moisturizer to my eye brows, under eyes, and neck.  Then its a bronzer, blush lip gloss, liner, and I can not do my own hair anymore. I simply suck at it, and I turn my head over to the hands of a pro.

LMP: Favorite colors to wear?
MJ: My fave colors to wear are usually colors others are afraid to wear. I.e.  Tribal prints, and floral patterns in jeans or harem pants, and I love to get really tan in the summer and rock the neons colors coral, fuscia, yellow and green.

LMP: Who is your very favorite shoe designer?
MJ: Just one?? Not fair!!!!! My number requirement is that they are SKY HIGH HEELS. And lady, I can walk well in any shoe. My number is Guisseppe Zanotti, then Christian LeBoutin, Fendi, Versace.

LMP: What is one item in your closet that you will never get rid of?
MJ: I will NEVER get rid of my first pair of haute couture Vivienne Westwood platform heels.  They were the highest heel shoe , like circus stilts, I had ever seen.  They were  featured on September Elle by supermodel Helena Christiansen who was my supermodel idol..and I was on summer vacation with my family, called New York and had them shipped to the resort on my  mom's AMEX without her permission.  Price?  obscene.. Double than an average le boutin today..  I was way too young to even wear them.  It was years until I would have been old enough but today I rock them every  Halloween because have a fantasy Alice in Wonderland style.

LMP: What about one item in your closet that your mother begs you to toss?
MJ: My mother?  Good God, Anything short or  sequin.  Something short and sequin and she becomes hysterical.   I'll get a life long lecture for not appreciating the value of a dollar, blah blah blah.

LMP: Where are some of your favorite places to dress up for in LA?
MJ: I haven't changed much since I was 4 years old, dear.  Any occasion is an occasion to dress well, appropriately well for the event.  Most days its a combination of dividing the day showing property and lunching with colleagues, so again I will push the envelope of what is business appropriate along with fun youth ful summer trend.  What do I do every day?  Lunch, dinner, clubs, gym shopping.  If you see me our looking "shady" it must mean I'm sick and forced to run an errand for chicken soup.   

LMP: Living in the Hollywood Hills, you're obviously very familiar with celebrities. Which celebrity do you think has a great sense of style? 
MJ: LOVE Nicole Richie's style. House of Harlow is a fab accessory line as well.

LMP: I love how you rock shorts when going out - it's one of my favorite looks for myself too - who makes some of your favorite pairs? 
MJ: My fave are some Marc Jacobs, Dolce & Gabbana, & ZARA.

LMP: Lastly, if you could say one thing about Reza's style, what would you say? 
MJ: I think Reza's style is like a classic 1980's endless summer, dapper Persian. Kind of like circa 1980's when men worked it better and nowadays you only see this style his kind of swagger in the south of France.

Reza Farahan

With that, be sure to stay tuned for season 2 of the Shahs of Sunset that will be hitting Bravo TV in the near future and check out more of MJ's fabulous wardrobe and serious style!

 The cast of Shahs of Sunset;

Monday, July 23, 2012

Del Mar Racetrack Opening Day 2012

Sean Zanganeh and I arriving in Turf Club
Sean Zanganeh; Ralph Lauren Purple label shirt, Banana Republic jacket, Hermès woven tie, Ralph Lauren pants, Hermès belt, Santoni Orange label shoes.

Lisa Price; Hermès washed silk scarf (140), Herve Leger red bandage skirt, Chanel purse, Hermès wedges, Del Mar Hat Co. black hat, Hermès bracelets mixed with various Arm Candy by Beso Beso.

What an incredible day at the races last week! We ended up going last minute - surprise, surprise - and had a fabulous time dressing up, betting on the pretty ponies, people watching Del Mar's finest (and most disastrous), and enjoying endless bottles of champagne.

The highlights of Opening Day 2012:

1. My friend's colorful monogrammed Louis Vuitton bag that matched her hat and her phone and brilliantly held (and perfectly hid) a shoe bag for a shoe change mid-races.

2. Spotted: A girl wearing an American Apparel dress and after partying with bare feet at SIP at Flavor Del Mar. She was also rocking a classic Chanel bag with suspicious looking flap stitches - real or fake, what do you think?

3. The bigger the hat, the more botox injections were had the days prior to opening day. This seemed to be a popular trend in Turf Club.

4. Sean Zanganeh's tie. He got more compliments on it than any woman did on her outfit that day.

5. Men and women walking around with straws in champagne bottles because 1.) the bartenders ran out of champagne flutes and 2.) champagne is just more economical by the bottle than the glass.

How I created my top:

So simple! I took my Hermès scarf (size 140) and knotted two corners next to each other together, hooked the ends around my neck, and then tied the bottom two around my waist to fit! There are so many fabulous other ways to do this - all you need is a little 4 x 4 fabric and a hand that knots tightly!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Where to go for the After Party; Del Mar Race Track Opening Day

Assuming that you took my advice from my previous post "Off to the Races! Fashionably of course..." - you're looking way too fabulous to go straight home!

I've laid out for you three places that are a must to hit up regardless of whether or not you won, placed, or showed earlier at the track.

This is where you need to go to after party, no excuses and no exceptions... 


If you're not sipping a crisp flute of bubbly at one of these parties, "plan on getting a horrible case of the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)," as stated by Sean Zanganeh.

Obviously...we'll be there.

Off to the Races! Fashionably, of course...

Del Mar Race Track

My favorite holiday out of the entire year is here once again, Opening Day at the Del Mar Race Track! I look forward to this day like a child still believing in Santa Claus looks forward to Christmas Day.

The pretty ponies, the short summer dresses, the printed pocket squares...oh, and fabulous bottles of bubbly galore!

I would go into further description of this amazing event, but it would only be with horrible negativity due to the fact that I will not be attending this year.

That being said...only because I know best, will I post on this topic and give you a little guidance on what to wear. I still want you bitches to look your best.

Here is everything you need to know about what to (and not to) wear for opening day...I will try to be as nice as possible...

1. Wear a hat. I don't want to hear the "I look stupid in hats, so I didn't wear one" excuse. I look absolutely ridiculous in every hat imaginable (other than a fedora) and I wear one with my head held high every single year. It is in fact, the only day out of the entire year that I do wear a hat. So, you better wear one too. It's tradition. If you don't want to wear a hat and support tradition, then don't bother going to opening day...go the following weekend.

2. Leave your Herve Leger on the hanger. Who the hell wears Herve Leger in sunlight anyway? I see countless girls flaunting their $700 - $1,600 dress like its race track couture every year. I am the biggest fan of Herve Leger (as you've seen me post countless posts on it, just search Herve Leger on my blog and it will come up dozens of times)...but not for the track. There's the exception for the exception for the exception, but if you're looking for advice on what to wear listen to me on this one as I am a strong believer that Herve Leger looks ridiculous on opening day...even at the after parties.

3. Don't wear flats. Last year I broke my foot in Vegas the week before opening day and was limping around miserably like a cripple. My boyfriend actually suggested before we left that I "wear flats" - is he out of his mind??? If I had a choice between wearing flats to opening day and not attending at all, you better bet your pony money that I'd rather be sitting on my butt at home. I strapped on the most stable pair of Jimmy Choo's that I owned, downed a couple pain killers with a bottle of champagne and had the best time of my life. Fashion over flats, always.

4. Take a clutch. Since when did a huge bag compliment a short little dress? Never. Downsize your bag to match your dress. Also, opening day is absolutely mad. There are crazy people running all over the place with a drink overspilling in their hand and the last thing you want to do is have one of the idiots run into your perfect white Valentino bag the size of a limo and spill their red wine all over it. Carry a clutch to avoid this traffic disaster.

5. My thoughts on black? I'm neutral on this black subject. I wore a chic little black Lanvin dress to opening day three years ago and felt fabulously thin in it. Two years ago I opted for a printed black and white Chanel backless sundress and last year my dress of choice was a silk Dolce and Gabbana colorful printed dress with black lace accents...obviously I don't have a problem with black. When I think horse races and summertime my mind always goes to white, but unfortunately my dark sense of fashion usually doesn't end up in that same direction. I'm ok with black on this day. Just make sure it's fun.

6. Matching your hat to your dress. Totally not necessary. When shopping for an outfit for opening day you ask yourself, "should I find the perfect dress and then find a hat to match or should I find a killer hat and match a dress to the hat?" Honestly, you don't need to do either. This is the one day where you can rock a bright coral dress with a cobalt blue. It doesn't have to match. Have fun with what you choose. If you decided to be matchy matchy, love it. If you decide to be a walking contrast, work it.

7. Sunglasses optional. Yes, it's most likely going to be a bright sunny day...but, most likely you will be under shade. Also, you are wearing that hat we talked about in #1! So sunglasses, totally optional. I personally would rather not bring them because you're walking in and out having to take them off and on and with a clutch, where are you going to put them? I think it's easier to leave them at home, but if you want to go for a fabulous incognito look with your hat and shades, by all means go for it.

8. Do remember your jewelry. Jewelry is the best thing to accompany a hat after all! I saw a woman two years ago in Chanel everything. She had stacks of Chanel jewelry on, was wearing a white Chanel shift dress, quilted Chanel kitten heels, a Chanel hat, and an incredible Chanel silk scarf wrapped around the Chanel hat and pinned with a Chanel brooch. Over kill? Like no other. But, oh my god did she look incredible! Pile on your jewelry, but do remember how ridiculous hot it will be. Today may not be the best day for arm candy covering your entire forearm. A bejeweled ring or two and statement earrings are great choices.

9. Button up your man's shirt. Should you choose to come with a date to this fun event, be sure he keeps his shirt buttoned up. The longer into the event you go, the tequila keeps being poured, and your man's shirt gets unbuttoned lower and lower and lower. I see this every year, even with the most attractively dressed men. I know it's hot and you are required to wear a jacket in Turf Club, but please keep those buttons buttoned!

10. Don't be entire uncomfortable. This day is long! You have a lot of galavanting around to do. I know I bitched at you about flats and wearing a wretched hat and so forth, but do be sure that you're comfortable in your attire. You want to be able to have fun on this day and remaining seated at a reserved table while your friends are hanging over the ledge cheering on a winning pony they just bet on is not fun. The secret to comfort in these dressed up situations is proper fit. Remember that.

 My Fair Lady

With this advice, I hope you feel confident in putting together a fabulous look for yourself. I have faith that you will be the winning bet tomorrow. If you have any questions or need any styling advice, I will be at your hand, seeing that I have no salon appointments or last minute pick-ups from Neimans distracting me this year (although, no guarantees that I won't be there all day tomorrow shopping away my sadness with Couture).

Have fun darlings, off to the races you go!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Louis Vuitton and Yayoi Kusama.

Less than a week ago, the newest collaboration from Louis Vuitton featuring talented artist, Yayoi Kusama, was revealed in New York City - soon to hit stores. Personally I am a huge fan of this collection. Already being a previous follower of Yayoi Kusama from an artistic perspective, I was thrilled to find out about this collaboration having gone down with one of my favorite classic designers (LV).

What do you think of the dotted collection?

Be sure to check out the complete collection and the Louis Vuitton Yayoi Kusama Universe here: 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Packing for the Honeymoon.

My dear friend Lauren (and beautiful bride to be) suggested this fabulous topic for a blog post, requesting some fashion advice for her honeymoon. Obviously, she's in no need of fashion advice - this blondie can dress - but I thought it would be a fun topic to write on for all those gorgeous brides tying the knot this wedding season.

The general scheme of outfits for your honeymoon of course, depends on your destination. However, here are a few fun pieces that seem to be appropriate to pack no matter where you plan on honeymooning...

1. A white bikini. Whether you're planning on tanning the entire time on a tropical island or jacuzzi-ing at a cabin in the woods, you must bring along one of these. Victoria's Secret has some great ones (perfect for mixing and matching) and I also recommend the ViX swimwear line.

2. An easily styled maxi. I'm loving the one shown above (Cross Bust Maxi Dress by Love from Topshop) because there are so many ways to wear it; use it as a swimsuit coverup, lounge in it, throw on an edgy jacket to roam the city in it, dress it up with heels, etc.

3. Shorts in a fun print. Again, this is an easy piece to wear in various ways. Tuck in a ribbed tank or top these shorts with a loose tee in a thin fabric, pair with basic tennies or strap on some heels. I'm definitely adoring this high waisted pair (above) by Mara Hoffman.

4. An accessible bag. I'm beyond obsessing over the Proenza Schouler PS1 Lux Leather Mini Messenger. Maybe this is a totally unnecessary honeymoon essential, but it's life essential...just like your man.

5. An outfit in one piece. How quick can you get yourself together with a little onesie romper action? Bring along a casual cut in a fashionable fabric like the one above (Joseph Caroline silk-crepe playsuit) to get the most versatility out of it.

Other items to bring: a go-to lip color, a pair of Havaianas, something comfy to lounge in (check out Anthropologie for the softest sets you'll ever feel), a casual hat, large-framed sunglasses, your honeymoon lingerie (goes without being said)...oh, and your hubby!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Poopy Pink Pastel Pants.

You know what I currently hate? Pink pastel pants.

That's right, I hate them. If you're over the age of 8 and you're currently wearing pink pastel pants or have them sitting in your closet or perhaps you are holding them in your arm waiting in line to buy them, I suggest you switch them out for a bolder pair right now.

I came to this conclusion last week at dinner when a foursome sat down next to us and the two girls were both wearing a pair of pink pastel pants. Not only were they matching on their double date (oops), but they also looked like they were naked under the table (yikes).

This is not a type of "easy" you should be going for...especially not when on a double date for god's sake!

The very next night I spotted a girl walking across the street downtown in a pair of pink pastel cropped pants and nude wedges - I thought she was streaking.

I've got pink pastel pants blaring on my radar.

I love colored jeans, don't get me wrong, I have an entire rainbow of J Brands folded up in a drawer. But, pink pastel pants are just not doing it for me! Unless you are a lovely little twig and have accessorized them to perfection and beat the odd nudity complex that pink pastel pants seem to offer, ditch them immediately.  

Don't even go there. And if you went there, pretend it never happened.

As a disclaimer, I'm all for nudity - nude pumps, nude lips, nude backs - but the pink pastel pant type of nudity is about as sexy as a pig.

And with that, please stay away your poopy pink pastel pants.

The Problem:

 Christina Milian

The Exception:

Miranda Kerr

Highlighted Words