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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Violet Love by Rebecca Michaels

One night at the gym I was asking my friend about a girl he was about to go have drinks with later on that night. I asked him what she's like and he kind of just shrugged his shoulders and kept working on his abs - a total "can't be bothered" move. I kept pressing him about her, being the nosy bitch that I am, and I finally said, "well me, I'm into fashion and Pilates." For some reason this was hysterically funny and he won't let me forget it.

The point I'm trying to make with this opening story is...

Yes, I'm into fashion and Pilates, but what's the best is making your Pilates fashionable. I do this by wearing Violet Love Headbands by Rebecca Michaels.

I'm absolutely obsessed with this line of headbands - not only do they compliment my Lululemon work out ensemble perfectly with the fun patterns and colors, but they are also practically weightless which makes them ridiculously comfortable, unlike many headbands that I have tried out in the past.

I make sure to accessorize my workouts (and everyday lifestyle) with a Violet Love Headband, whether I'm working on my Pilates body, taking a moment to say Namaste, or up in the gym just workin' on my fitness Fergie style.

Violet Love Headbands is currently an L.A. based company and although the Violet Love Headbands are their signature product, they also have some really fabulous apparel (racer tanks and hoodies, maxi dresses, dolman tops, bras, boy shorts, scarfs, lounge pants, leggings, capris, bikers), including performance wear (printed and solid legwear in ankle and mid thigh lengths).

I wish I had known about this line sooner because I definitely would have included it as a must in my Getting Your Fitness On, Fashionably post!

Now, guess what...I have another point I'm trying to make with all this information...

Violet Love by Rebecca Michaels is giving 3 lucky readers each a Violet Love Headband!

Violet Love Headband
Champs Elysee

That's right...not just one, but three readers will be selected at random to receive a Violet Love Headband of their own, of a fabulous style. I'm so excited for the winners of this giveaway already. I know you're going to absolutely love rocking one of these headbands, and soon you'll see that your daily workout won't be complete without one.

Here's how to enter:

1. “LIKE” Violet Love on Facebook
2. "LIKE" LisaPriceInc on Facebook
3. Follow Violet Love on Twitter
4. Follow me on Twitter as well, and then tweet the following:

“I want to win the @Violet_Love giveaway
hosted by @LPriceSOright”

Once you’ve done all four steps – make sure you're able to be contacted through your twitter if you are the winner or leave your email on this post!!!

This giveaway will last 1 WEEK from today and end NEXT Wednesday 6/13/12 at NOON (12 P.M.) P.S.T.

Good luck!

P.S. Be sure to check out the other fabulous pieces by Violet Love here:


*Rebecca Michaels of Violet Love has given all of my readers 20% off their entire purchase using code "DSFF" at checkout! Shop away!

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