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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Shuffling Through Sparkles.

Whenever I'm not tramping around in heels, I love to throw on a pair of bedazzled sandals. They're my absolute go to. Comfort and sparkle? Win. The more jewels the better.

Personally, I love the look of Ke$ha throwing up glitter on my feet.

So, I've picked out a couple pairs of fabulously blinged out flats that you absolutely cannot miss...

P.S. The ones with a * next to the price are currently on sale to clear out for Fall collections!

Obviously, you can tell I'm obsessed with the "under the sea" inspired flats by Miu Miu. I've tried these on and they look really amazing, so I have full confidence that they'll look fabulous on you too. But, be sure to shop around because at some places they're on sale where at others they aren't (Barney's is still selling them at full price). You'll save $300 plus dollars getting them on sale...that's like another pair of flats!

Ok, and so the last pair (Balmain) aren't jeweled, but I absolutely love them! I think they're so hot and couldn't go without sharing these with you right this second, bedazzled or not. Also, I didn't want to spend another post on flats - no offense.

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