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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rice Krispie Treats & Daisy Dukes.

Daisy Dukes are like Rice Krispie Treats. They're fun, they're easy, and most of all...they're consistent. There are also a thousand ways that they have been redone that you need to get on stat.

 The Classic Rice Krispie Treat

Lets start with The Classic Rice Krispie Treat. Something we all have been familiar with since childhood. Two main ingredients; marshmallows and Rice Krispies right? Maybe during The Stone Age. Welcome to modern day, we're now throwing in funfetti cake batter, sprinkles, caramel, strawberries, chocolate chips, frostine - the world's pantry galore - into the mix!

Check out these not so standard krispies...

All of these innovative Rice Krispie Treats are far beyond anything the side recipe label of a little cereal box could imagine...and the pictures above are just the start of it. Take a look at pinterest and you'll see some of the crazy concoctions people are coming up with as of the second and it will blow the snap, crackle, and pop right out of your mind!

The Original Daisy Duke

Now, lets move onto discussing The Original Daisy Duke. Short short short denim, distressed, and for many boys...dangerous. Not so much has changed with the natural structure of the Daisy Duke, but take a look at how we're mixing up the classic staple now - am I talking patterns, colors, textures, and embellishments? You bet I am.

Check out these not so standard shorties...

So next time you want to go with the classics, keep the present date in mind - we're mixing it up more than ever in today's fashion world. A classic will always be a classic, but it only takes a few simple touches to turn it into a creation!

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