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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Monogrammed Engagement.

As I was browsing around Louis Vuitton, getting the handle of one of my bags repaired, I stumbled upon one of the cutest (and most adventurous) engagement ideas yet.

Set aside by the monogramming table was a fabulous set of new luggage; a Pégase 55 rolling suitcase, the Icare bag, and a Passport Cover - all in my favorite (and standard) Damier Ebene.

A casual, yet well dressed, man in his early 30's was getting them all monogrammed with his girlfriend's first two initials...and his last.

Obviously, I had to get the inside scoop...

He was planning on giving the luggage (and his last initial) to his girlfriend as a gift along with a plane ticket to Italy, where a custom ring was being made.

I died.

Like really, are men even that thoughtful, cute, creative, and perfect these days?

I told him he should get a pair of Louis Vuitton Anemone sunglasses to include with the set, just incase the diamond was slightly blinding...

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