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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Liven Up Your Workweek Lunch.

Each day of the five-day workweek I get an hour for lunch. Whether I choose to work through it or actually eat just depends on the day - and how strong my Starbucks was in the morning.

I detest brown bagging it. Maybe this is because my Father refuses to eat leftovers so my Mother never cooked "extra meals" for the next day's lunch, or maybe it's extreme aftershock from the first day of kindergarten when I couldn't find my lunchbox that my mom had so thoughtfully packed and had to eat a piece of processed string cheese that a strange classmate from Alaska shared with me.

Usually, I'll head to Jimbo's down the street and grab a couple sides from the deli and a Synergy drink to go, but at least once a week I love lunching with mom. We have the best time. Sometimes it's just the two of us, sometimes one of my other sisters joins in. It's my favorite 60 minute lunch break of the week. It's never fancy, but it's always cute and relaxing and a time to catch up and mindlessly gossip.

If you're meeting someone for lunch in the middle of a workday - your mother, a friend, a boyfriend, a non-boyfriend, a lover, whoever - it's sometimes nice to have a little something in your car to add into your work wardrobe (regardless of whether your attire is business dress or more casual) and freshen your look up.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces to incorporate into a little quick change...

1. A vibrant blazer.

2. A sloppily structured hat.

3. A casual chunky wedge.

4. A statement cuff.

5. Uniquely shaped shades.

Today my mom, Laura (my sister) and I are meeting at Champagne Bakery in Rancho Santa Fe. I have a pair of bright orange Lanvin wedges (I'd show you a picture of them but they're from so many seasons ago that I don't even think they're google-able) waiting in the trunk of my car for me.

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  1. I shed a tear at first just thinking about my daughters wanting to have lunch with me at work someday. Totally wiped me ojos. Then I saw what pieces you showed to add to your work wardrobe - hot damn lady friend - you have lovely taste. I might add that they are all on the " tad bit expensive side" for me to add on to a mom and daughter luncheon. I love my family and all, but damn those are party prices.

    Just found your blog and love it!!


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