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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lipstick & Diamonds & Champagne & Rock & Roll.

Betsey Johnson Novelty Tee

This fabulous "Lipstick & Diamonds & Champagne & Rock & Roll." tee by Betsey Johnson is a necessary addition to any diva's closet. I'm obsessed with it after seeing it on Pinterest a couple days ago and had to find it. Unfortunately, it's no longer available on Betsey Johnson's website and is sold out everywhere else I checked. Anyone a graphic t-shirt designer and want to make a few? I'll rhinestone them up and get them even glitzier than before for all of you!

In the meantime, here are my favorite Lipstick & Diamonds & Champagne & Rock & Roll. picks currently...

Favorite colors: Cherry Lush, Black Orchid, and Spanish Pink

$52,000.00 and up
18kt pink gold with black onyx and full pavé diamonds

Have your date pick up the tab.
Best with: fresh berries & decadent chocolate

Most played: "To Be Alone With You" and "The Dress Looks Nice On You"


  1. I would buy one of this shirts - please let me know if it ever happens!

  2. You can get the Betsey Johnson t-shirt at Saks Off Fifth online as of 6/12/15.


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