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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lauren Moshi

When I'm working in the office I get to wear pretty much whatever I want. As long as I look half alive and fully clothed, anything goes. On a casual Friday (or today for that matter), you will probably see me rocking the fabulous line, Lauren Moshi

Lauren Moshi is not just one person, but an elegantly artsy brother and sister team (Lauren and Michael Moshi) who created their clothing company inspired by mixing their two passions - high fashion and art.

"Lauren Moshi’s current collection consists of fabulous tanks, tee’s, sweaters, dresses, open cardigan's,  hoodies, sweat pants and totes, which are adorned with art of everything from bunny girl, peace daisy, rottweiler, diamond lips, tiger face, peacock, peace sign, aztec deer, herringbone bow, camillia, nyla, lips…"

The coolest part about Lauren Moshi is that each garment is an original piece of artwork (Lauren hand draws every single intricate marking that you see on the garments). Aside from judging this innovative line on looks alone, only the finest fabrics are used to create maximum comfort making everything beyond a wearable luxury.

I'm obsessed with the Lauren Moshi line and you'll find me pairing a fabulous Lauren Moshi tee with a pair of skinny rocker jeans on the regular. This is why it was so exciting when Lauren from Lauren Moshi was able to take some time and talk to me about the line!

Check out the awesome interview I had with Lauren Moshi...

What inspired you to begin designing your line, Lauren Moshi? 
Ever since I was able to hold a pen, I became obsessed with drawing. Art for me is life and I love art as much as I love clothing. I wanted to combine the two and bring art into everyday life through fashion so I teamed up with the perfect partner, my brother Michael. In 2006, we created a canvas for my art through our shared appreciation for quality fashion.

You and your brother Michael are quite a team, tell me a little bit about how you both work together...
I am the artist and designer and Michael’s role is focusing on the business aspect of the company.  Together our individual strengths are a compliment and our shared values are the foundation to running our business.

What is your favorite type of art outside of your line?
Love Hermes scarfs, and Alexander Mcqueen at the moment. I know there designers but I see there line as my favorite art at the moment.

You use such versatile and comfy fabrics in your line, what is/are your favorite fabric(s) to work with?
I live in are over sized micro modal ts and cotton sherpa sweatpants.

What is your very favorite piece that you've designed that most resonates with you?
My favorite pieces no one ever really sees.  There usually the ones that are so extreme that the normal person wouldn't wear.

Is there anything new and exciting coming up for Lauren Moshi?
We are working on launching beach towels for this summer. They're really amazing cuz we blow up the art and you can really see the detail.  I already have the sample hanging in my house as art.

La Vie Boheme

 Reflection of Woodstock

Lands in Venice

Above were the incredible lookbook covers for three of my favorite Lauren Moshi's collections; La Vie Boheme, Reflection of Woodstock, and Lands in Venice. Check out all of the Lauren Moshi lookbooks and let me know what collection is your fave! Xo.

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