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Monday, June 18, 2012

Is it a good Choo or a bad Choo?

When Jimmy Choo first launched their line of shoes for men, I thought "Men in Choos? WTF." After seeing the collection start to develop over the past few years, I've totally changed my mind and think that they are absolutely fabulous right now (excluding only a couple pairs).

So, I'm totally allowing you to Choo up your man with some of the Jimmy Choo Spring/Summer 2012 collection and have picked out the good Choos and the bad Choos of the season...

Why: Eccentric and bold.

Why: Leopard? Absolutely not.

Why: Croc and lace-up.

Why: Suede and tassels.

Why: Color blocked kicks.

Why: Buckles and rubber.

As you can see, there are good Choos and there are bad Choos, you just need to make the right Choo-ice for your guy!

Sidenote: If Manolo Blahnik ever comes out with a line for men I fully forbid it by all means in advance. We will not have our men walking around in "Something Blue" Manolo loafers. Not a chance in haute fashion hell.

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