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Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy National Donut Day.

Do yourself a favor and celebrate National Donut Day by donning a fabulous donut bun. You'll be saving calories and I promise this will be just as delicious of an option!

My favorite way of whipping up a donut (bun) for myself is by following's decadent 0 calorie recipe. It's totally manageable for any hair novice (like myself).

 Love the high donut bun look!

Before you print this out and go running to your nearest Drybar for a $70 Uptini, try this at least once for yourself. Trust me, you can do it just as easily as the pros by following these directions.

If I can D.I.Y. donut bun, so can you!

If you must indulge, I suggest nibbling on a Frostini or two (doughnut hole) or splitting a Pink Vanilla, my favorite, from FROST Donuts. You won't be disappointed. If you're a slave for red velvet, they have a fabulous Southern Red Velvet donut that will make your mouth water.


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