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Friday, June 8, 2012

Details Make the Man.

Have you ever seen a man and thought to yourself, "wow, he really knows how to dress...he's more put together than I am"? I know I have. It's that moment when I wish I had throw on a pair of heels instead of my Lanvin flats, for crying out loud.

For some reason, it's so much more noticeable on men than it is on women when a little extra effort is put into getting ready. I'm not talking about effort relating to anything hygienic - if you don't have that down by now, this post is far beyond your capability of well, life - but more so relating to the last minute effort when adding in the details that really make an outfit look complete.

Men have so many fun options to add into their wardrobe that aren't even made for women (i.e. pocket squares and cuff links) - and they really make a difference when putting an outfit together! Sure, any man could throw on a pair of trousers and a sloppy dress shirt and call himself dressed for business. It takes the dressing game to an entirely new level however, when a man goes the extra step and throws on a sport coat, knots a tie, and stuffs a fabulous little pocket square!

It's not difficult to incorporate these little details into a routine...he just needs to have them available and know how to put them to use! If using cuff links make your man nervous, just reassure him that once they're on, they can pretty much take care of fussing necessary.

Below I've picked out a few fun details to really make your man...I suggest picking out one that you like in particular and surprise him with a little spur of the moment wardrobe gift. He then may be so well inclined (not to mention, well dressed) to take you out to a fabulous dinner!

136.00 (on sale)


I hope some of the items I suggested above are ones you think will add a great finishing touch to your man's look. I think you'll be very impressed with the end result (and so will he), when really it is just a simple something that takes a little bit of acquiring.

P.S. It's roughly only two weeks until Father's Day (June 17th), why don't you make things easy and gift one to dear ol' dad too! As I explained in last year's post Dressing Up Dad, it's fabulous to make your father fashionable too.

Is dad a lost cause? Throw in this...


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