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Monday, June 25, 2012

A Case of the Mondays.

 Parker Posey in Party Girl, my very favorite movie.

So many people dread Monday; the end of the weekend and the start of a new week. Personally, I love Mondays. Although there are loads of emails to catch up on (I refuse to email anything that can wait until Monday over the weekend...sorry I'm not sorry) and my 6:00 am gym session before work seems earlier than ever, I enjoy a good Monday. A new week, a fresh start, etc.

Don't treat your Sunday Funday like The Last will be back in 7 days, darling! And the 7 days after that, and the 7 days after that, and the 7 days after on. It's not something to look forward to, but should you end up dying on a Sunday night, you'll get more Sundays in your life than Mondays anyway.

Find a way to make Monday a good day for yourself. Whether it's adding in a fun little routine or a spontaneous moment that makes you forget it's Monday after all. Here are a few things that keep me happy at the beginning of this week...

1. Grain-free Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites that I made last night! I'm obsessed with healthy cooking and these cookies are to die for. I re-pinned this recipe onto my pinterest a few weeks back and have been wanting to make them ever since. They took seriously 5 minutes worth of prep and came out fab. I packed two of them in my Louis for a mid-afternoon snack today. I substituted the chocolate chips for organic dark chocolate chips.

2. The new items that just moved on sale at Barneys online. I love to take a quick browse through before I start my work for the day. Sometimes there's nothing worth stealing, but sometimes I end up snagging a fun find or three at the beginning of the week sale. Today I found an amazing Mason by Michelle Mason V-Neck Dress on sale for $269 from $450. Love the color, style cinched with a bold belt, and price...obviously!

3. Style stalking the horrible outfit crimes that my slutty Facebook friends decided to commit over the weekend. I seriously keep some of these people as friends for the sole purpose of this. I'd love to feature a picture of one person in particular, but I prefer to keep my style stalking under wraps in fear that I may be blocked from further evidence of extreme fashion disasters.

4. Anouk by Jimmy Choo for pre-order! Hello, fuchsia? Hello, fabulous! These are life-size Barbie shoes and they are going to be in my dream house wardrobe stat. I love these precious little pumps and they're finally available for pre-order! My Monday is made!

5. My 6:45 pm yoga sculpt class. Once a week my boyfriend takes a sculpt class with me at my yoga studio. This is my very favorite class of the week...obviously because of the H&H (hot and hilarious) company. I like to go all out in my newest Lululemon and pretend like I dress that coordinated all throughout the week - as if! Today I'll be rocking my newest bright purple Lululemon pants, a black razorback tank, and black headband to boot.

Happy Monday!

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