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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rice Krispie Treats & Daisy Dukes.

Daisy Dukes are like Rice Krispie Treats. They're fun, they're easy, and most of all...they're consistent. There are also a thousand ways that they have been redone that you need to get on stat.

 The Classic Rice Krispie Treat

Lets start with The Classic Rice Krispie Treat. Something we all have been familiar with since childhood. Two main ingredients; marshmallows and Rice Krispies right? Maybe during The Stone Age. Welcome to modern day, we're now throwing in funfetti cake batter, sprinkles, caramel, strawberries, chocolate chips, frostine - the world's pantry galore - into the mix!

Check out these not so standard krispies...

All of these innovative Rice Krispie Treats are far beyond anything the side recipe label of a little cereal box could imagine...and the pictures above are just the start of it. Take a look at pinterest and you'll see some of the crazy concoctions people are coming up with as of the second and it will blow the snap, crackle, and pop right out of your mind!

The Original Daisy Duke

Now, lets move onto discussing The Original Daisy Duke. Short short short denim, distressed, and for many boys...dangerous. Not so much has changed with the natural structure of the Daisy Duke, but take a look at how we're mixing up the classic staple now - am I talking patterns, colors, textures, and embellishments? You bet I am.

Check out these not so standard shorties...

So next time you want to go with the classics, keep the present date in mind - we're mixing it up more than ever in today's fashion world. A classic will always be a classic, but it only takes a few simple touches to turn it into a creation!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nora Ephron, R.I.P.

Nora Ephron
May 19, 1941 - June 26, 2012

R.I.P. Nora Ephron, a legendary screenwriter and director. She inspired me through her movies, through her writing, and through her words. I will never forget the time I spent on set under her direction for "You've Got Mail" and her masterpieces will always be in my heart.

"I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible." 
Harry Burns, "When Harry Met Sally"

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Liven Up Your Workweek Lunch.

Each day of the five-day workweek I get an hour for lunch. Whether I choose to work through it or actually eat just depends on the day - and how strong my Starbucks was in the morning.

I detest brown bagging it. Maybe this is because my Father refuses to eat leftovers so my Mother never cooked "extra meals" for the next day's lunch, or maybe it's extreme aftershock from the first day of kindergarten when I couldn't find my lunchbox that my mom had so thoughtfully packed and had to eat a piece of processed string cheese that a strange classmate from Alaska shared with me.

Usually, I'll head to Jimbo's down the street and grab a couple sides from the deli and a Synergy drink to go, but at least once a week I love lunching with mom. We have the best time. Sometimes it's just the two of us, sometimes one of my other sisters joins in. It's my favorite 60 minute lunch break of the week. It's never fancy, but it's always cute and relaxing and a time to catch up and mindlessly gossip.

If you're meeting someone for lunch in the middle of a workday - your mother, a friend, a boyfriend, a non-boyfriend, a lover, whoever - it's sometimes nice to have a little something in your car to add into your work wardrobe (regardless of whether your attire is business dress or more casual) and freshen your look up.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces to incorporate into a little quick change...

1. A vibrant blazer.

2. A sloppily structured hat.

3. A casual chunky wedge.

4. A statement cuff.

5. Uniquely shaped shades.

Today my mom, Laura (my sister) and I are meeting at Champagne Bakery in Rancho Santa Fe. I have a pair of bright orange Lanvin wedges (I'd show you a picture of them but they're from so many seasons ago that I don't even think they're google-able) waiting in the trunk of my car for me.

Monday, June 25, 2012

A Case of the Mondays.

 Parker Posey in Party Girl, my very favorite movie.

So many people dread Monday; the end of the weekend and the start of a new week. Personally, I love Mondays. Although there are loads of emails to catch up on (I refuse to email anything that can wait until Monday over the weekend...sorry I'm not sorry) and my 6:00 am gym session before work seems earlier than ever, I enjoy a good Monday. A new week, a fresh start, etc.

Don't treat your Sunday Funday like The Last will be back in 7 days, darling! And the 7 days after that, and the 7 days after that, and the 7 days after on. It's not something to look forward to, but should you end up dying on a Sunday night, you'll get more Sundays in your life than Mondays anyway.

Find a way to make Monday a good day for yourself. Whether it's adding in a fun little routine or a spontaneous moment that makes you forget it's Monday after all. Here are a few things that keep me happy at the beginning of this week...

1. Grain-free Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites that I made last night! I'm obsessed with healthy cooking and these cookies are to die for. I re-pinned this recipe onto my pinterest a few weeks back and have been wanting to make them ever since. They took seriously 5 minutes worth of prep and came out fab. I packed two of them in my Louis for a mid-afternoon snack today. I substituted the chocolate chips for organic dark chocolate chips.

2. The new items that just moved on sale at Barneys online. I love to take a quick browse through before I start my work for the day. Sometimes there's nothing worth stealing, but sometimes I end up snagging a fun find or three at the beginning of the week sale. Today I found an amazing Mason by Michelle Mason V-Neck Dress on sale for $269 from $450. Love the color, style cinched with a bold belt, and price...obviously!

3. Style stalking the horrible outfit crimes that my slutty Facebook friends decided to commit over the weekend. I seriously keep some of these people as friends for the sole purpose of this. I'd love to feature a picture of one person in particular, but I prefer to keep my style stalking under wraps in fear that I may be blocked from further evidence of extreme fashion disasters.

4. Anouk by Jimmy Choo for pre-order! Hello, fuchsia? Hello, fabulous! These are life-size Barbie shoes and they are going to be in my dream house wardrobe stat. I love these precious little pumps and they're finally available for pre-order! My Monday is made!

5. My 6:45 pm yoga sculpt class. Once a week my boyfriend takes a sculpt class with me at my yoga studio. This is my very favorite class of the week...obviously because of the H&H (hot and hilarious) company. I like to go all out in my newest Lululemon and pretend like I dress that coordinated all throughout the week - as if! Today I'll be rocking my newest bright purple Lululemon pants, a black razorback tank, and black headband to boot.

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lauren Moshi

When I'm working in the office I get to wear pretty much whatever I want. As long as I look half alive and fully clothed, anything goes. On a casual Friday (or today for that matter), you will probably see me rocking the fabulous line, Lauren Moshi

Lauren Moshi is not just one person, but an elegantly artsy brother and sister team (Lauren and Michael Moshi) who created their clothing company inspired by mixing their two passions - high fashion and art.

"Lauren Moshi’s current collection consists of fabulous tanks, tee’s, sweaters, dresses, open cardigan's,  hoodies, sweat pants and totes, which are adorned with art of everything from bunny girl, peace daisy, rottweiler, diamond lips, tiger face, peacock, peace sign, aztec deer, herringbone bow, camillia, nyla, lips…"

The coolest part about Lauren Moshi is that each garment is an original piece of artwork (Lauren hand draws every single intricate marking that you see on the garments). Aside from judging this innovative line on looks alone, only the finest fabrics are used to create maximum comfort making everything beyond a wearable luxury.

I'm obsessed with the Lauren Moshi line and you'll find me pairing a fabulous Lauren Moshi tee with a pair of skinny rocker jeans on the regular. This is why it was so exciting when Lauren from Lauren Moshi was able to take some time and talk to me about the line!

Check out the awesome interview I had with Lauren Moshi...

What inspired you to begin designing your line, Lauren Moshi? 
Ever since I was able to hold a pen, I became obsessed with drawing. Art for me is life and I love art as much as I love clothing. I wanted to combine the two and bring art into everyday life through fashion so I teamed up with the perfect partner, my brother Michael. In 2006, we created a canvas for my art through our shared appreciation for quality fashion.

You and your brother Michael are quite a team, tell me a little bit about how you both work together...
I am the artist and designer and Michael’s role is focusing on the business aspect of the company.  Together our individual strengths are a compliment and our shared values are the foundation to running our business.

What is your favorite type of art outside of your line?
Love Hermes scarfs, and Alexander Mcqueen at the moment. I know there designers but I see there line as my favorite art at the moment.

You use such versatile and comfy fabrics in your line, what is/are your favorite fabric(s) to work with?
I live in are over sized micro modal ts and cotton sherpa sweatpants.

What is your very favorite piece that you've designed that most resonates with you?
My favorite pieces no one ever really sees.  There usually the ones that are so extreme that the normal person wouldn't wear.

Is there anything new and exciting coming up for Lauren Moshi?
We are working on launching beach towels for this summer. They're really amazing cuz we blow up the art and you can really see the detail.  I already have the sample hanging in my house as art.

La Vie Boheme

 Reflection of Woodstock

Lands in Venice

Above were the incredible lookbook covers for three of my favorite Lauren Moshi's collections; La Vie Boheme, Reflection of Woodstock, and Lands in Venice. Check out all of the Lauren Moshi lookbooks and let me know what collection is your fave! Xo.

A Fashionable Rut.

Life is busier than ever, which means it's so easy to fall into a fashionable rut. I do all the time. Find me at 7:45 pm after a back to back sculpt yoga class on a Wednesday night and the last thing I want to do is dress up for a date night out. Bring over a bottle of wine and I'll pick up a couple salads from Urban Plates (the raw kale salad is my favorite) and we'll have a night in, thank you very much!

This is "cute" and all, but you're not impressing anyone with this behavior!

You're not impressing the general public at Urban Plates by wearing sweaty yoga clothes and your hair up in a messy bun. You're not impressing your boyfriend by wearing a pair of Victoria's Secret Pink leopard print lounge shorts and a loosey goosey tank that doesn't match. And you're certainly not impressing yourself by seeing your reflection in the mirror night after night after night.

Girl, I bet your Pilates bod looks fantastic. Let me tell you, yoga and raw kale do wonders on a physique. But, if the most action your hot ass is getting is DVR'd Real Housewives reruns and passing out on the couch by 9, it's a waste!

I promise, I am totally sympathetic on how you are feeling. I sometimes go an entire work week without taking my hair out of a messy bun. When you go from the gym, to a private office, to Bikram yoga, and then back home, why would you put in the effort? You're already the skinniest bitch wherever you go.

I'm here to stop you now though - don't get into a fashionable rut, because it's a very slippery slope darling. Pull yourself together and get back into that couture. It's date night out tonight!

Here are a few picks I found that will get you motivated to get out there and show the city how fabulous you are...






Monday, June 18, 2012

Is it a good Choo or a bad Choo?

When Jimmy Choo first launched their line of shoes for men, I thought "Men in Choos? WTF." After seeing the collection start to develop over the past few years, I've totally changed my mind and think that they are absolutely fabulous right now (excluding only a couple pairs).

So, I'm totally allowing you to Choo up your man with some of the Jimmy Choo Spring/Summer 2012 collection and have picked out the good Choos and the bad Choos of the season...

Why: Eccentric and bold.

Why: Leopard? Absolutely not.

Why: Croc and lace-up.

Why: Suede and tassels.

Why: Color blocked kicks.

Why: Buckles and rubber.

As you can see, there are good Choos and there are bad Choos, you just need to make the right Choo-ice for your guy!

Sidenote: If Manolo Blahnik ever comes out with a line for men I fully forbid it by all means in advance. We will not have our men walking around in "Something Blue" Manolo loafers. Not a chance in haute fashion hell.

Smoking Kills.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Before you get all obnoxious with your stars & stripes "4th of July" bikini shopping - we all do it, even me via my scandalous bright red rhinestone zipper one piece that I rocked last year - I want to show you the fabulous art of the L.B.B.S. (Little Black Bathing Suit).

Just like the L.B.D., this is a fabulous choice if you decide you want to keep it subtly classy. Don't get me wrong, I am as overly obsessed with all the bright colored bikinis coming out for summer as all of you are, if not even more, but I also love a classic option that is perfect for those chic "can't be bothered" pool parties (sipping and lounging) or jacuzzi nights (you know the ones I'm talking about).

Here are a few of my favorite L.B.B.S. looks...


And don't forget about accessorizing your L.B.B.S.! This is the fun part. Here are some simple guidelines to follow if you choose, very similar to how you would style your L.B.D....

1. Gold jewelry.
2. Bold lips.
3. Fabulous sunglasses.
4. A fishtail braid.
5. A man.

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