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Monday, May 14, 2012

Your Toiletry Bag - G.P. or V.I.P.?

 Louis Vuitton Toiletry Case

Currently, I have a fancy Ziploc bag that I use to hold my toiletries. What I really want is the Louis Vuitton King Size Toiletry Bag in Damier Ebene to match my other luggage. It's not like I'm asking for the Louis Vuitton Toiletry Case, ok? I'm being totally practical.

For the most part, others that I have spoken to about this situation are totally against buying a toiletry bag of this nature.

"Why would you buy an L.V. bag to hold your toothpaste?" some ask...

First of all, if I buy the L.V. toiletry bag I will never ever have to buy another toiletry bag again, it will last all natural disasters in a lifetime plus - as all L.V. merchandise does. Indestructible and timeless.

Second of all, do you realize how often you use a toiletry bag? Every single time you pack up your lovely little suitcase, you bring your toiletries with you. Your toiletry bag is with you on all nights away - and speaking to all of my dear jetsetters reading, that's a lot of toiletry bag usage for you!

Lastly, if you have nice luggage, don't you just simply want it to be complete? I know you do.

When I get to thinking though, I do see the other side's point of view...

1. My same Ziploc bag has been to San Francisco and back annually for the past 3 has lasted as long as my boyfriend has.

2. Would I rather spend money on a piece that will be hidden from the world for all of its existence or would I rather put the money towards a fabulous handbag for all of the world to see?

3. After all, it is just toothpaste...does toothpaste really deserve such special treatment? In my eyes, toothpaste at best is only ever going to be G.P. (General Public), not V.I.P.

Maybe I'll settle for a happy medium; a simple L.V. cosmetic bag for my Creme de la Mer (V.I.P.) and keep my Ziploc bag for my toothpaste (G.P.)

Pretty soon I'll be behind a red rope asking my toiletries if they're on a guest list.

What do you think?  

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