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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Would I marry a man for a Birkin?

Yesterday evening after work, I slyly ditched out of my yoga class and met up with my adorable girlfriend for a cocktail or two at Burlap. I figured this would be a much more efficient way of unwinding than getting my chaturanga and downward facing dog on.

As we were sipping on our favorite drink of choice - The Dragon (a spicy flute of champagne mixed with tequila and Szechuan chilies) - and catching up on each other's past weekend, a fabulously dressed older couple sat down next to us.

The only thing invading my space was this woman's beautiful cocoa colored Birkin. It put my poor limited edition Prada to shame.

I tried not to draw too much attention to the fact that this bag was not only taking up all the room on the seat next to me, but also taking up all the room in my mind.

Just then she looks at me, and it was almost as if she was analyzing me from the top of my head (ok, my roots aren't that bad yet for being on my third week from touch up) to the bottom of my feet (my darling Manolos haven't stepped in gum have they?) - she must have caught me staring at her Birkin - and then she spoke...

The woman asked me if I would marry her son because he is thirty and living in the guest house. She said that she was taking this matter into her own hands and arranging a marriage.

Not bad hands to be in, judging by the eye catching 10 carat diamond drooping slightly around her thin ring finger of her left hand.

I had to play hard ball with this one, I couldn't just agree to anything. She was a woman who got her way, and when wanting to get your way with women like that, you have to want to get your way even more.

I politely told her, only if she gave me her Birkin.

She started handing it to me...

I had to leave immediately. Too tempting.

When I got home I told my boyfriend about the woman and her Birkin. He told me to write a blog on it (well, what do you know...)

I was questioning myself aloud - which I often do in our discussions - "Would I marry a man for a Birkin?" Debateable.

It would have to be new I think, for an oddly pathetic man living in a guest house.

My boyfriend says, "vintage babe, vintage," something with a story to it.

"The Queen of Austria had this bag and solved hunger in Austria with it or the Latvian Princess avoided a mugging in a gypsy village by clubbing a man with this Birkin."

I laughed thinking there was no way to turn this rambling into a silly blog.

Then he says to me, "just include gypsy in the story."

Why of course, gypsies always make a story better... 
Jingle jangle.

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