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Monday, May 7, 2012

Where did the 80's go?

Oh, the 80's. Instantly, you think Madonna black and lace or maybe the Eric Prydz Call on Me video starts to play in your head. Whatever visions of the 80's that come to mind, chances are you haven't seen them played out to their fullest in the fashion world for quite some time.

Yes, we have bold cobalt blue blazers pairing as a colorblocked afterthought coming down the runways...but, is this really a true embrace of 80's fashion? Only in part.

What about Marchesa's black lace and sequin embellishment on every carefully constructed one piece ever to cross the centerfold of Vogue? Madonna-esque if we're dealing with "technicalities," but she's the last person to come to mind in the world of Couture today.

Today, we throw on a heavy James Perse zip-hooded sweatshirt over a bold colored silk romper and call it "so 80's." I hate to break it to you, but the fashion icons of the 80's would be downright LOLing all over the floor at our attempts to make every shoulder padded article of clothing a representation of their era.


Anne Hathaway at the Golden Globes in a stunning, hot off the runway, Armani Prive column dress, was crowned Queen of the Night. A beautiful Queen she was, but really encompassing "Queen of the Night" fashion through this Couture piece just because of the open back and shoulder pads? I'm not buying it.

As surprising as it may seem, I am a huge, huge fan of 80's inspired fashion. I love the bold color spectrum, the strong structure, the mismatching of proportions...all of it. I, too, try to influence my style with 80's touches. It is however, near impossible to embrace the full feeling of 80's style in today's modern fashion world. 

We certainly can try, but let's please remember what true 80's fashion is, and if we can't incorporate it fully into our styles today, let's at least appreciate it and call our representations of the 80's era what they are...a representation.

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