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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What to Wear to a Piano Bar.

The second night we were in New York, we dined at a fabulous seafood restaurant in the Upper East Side called Fishtail by David Burke. It was chic, innovative, and had a wonderful crowd of entertaining people surrounding us. After we finished the last of David Burke's Cheesecake Lollipops that were brought for dessert, we decided to get a little swanky...

Our search for swankiness brought us to the ever so elegant and bougie Bemelmans Bar at The Carlyle. We arrived just in time for a prime spot in the corner as the entertainment for the night just began their second set. There is quite a cover, but if you plan on staying for awhile and spending into the triple digits on bubbly (which is inevitable if you chose to stay for a hot minute or two) it's well worth it to make friends with your bartender and get that cover waved.

Now, you may ask yourself what to wear to a luxurious watering hole such as Bemelmans Bar. You certainly wouldn't want to fall short on your appearance, seeing that you'll be surrounded by socialites, movie stars, politicians, and other fabulously witty and charismatic people like yourself. 

 Bemelmans Bar's Cosmopolitan

Let me direct you in the right direction when trying to pull off just enough elegance to go with swanky cocktail...

1. Anything overly trendy should be avoided. If your ensemble screams a certain season in particular, god forbid a specific year as well, you should tone it down. Classic staples are much more glamorous options for this type of environment.

2. Think fancy footwear. Everyone is running around NYC in Nikes with their Birkins, but I can guarantee that they've changed into much more appropriate (perhaps red) soles upon arriving to socialize. A sexy pair of Choos is a good choice if you're planning on wearing more of an understated look that could use a little dressing up or pop of color. If you'd like to keep it classic, you can't go wrong with a pair of elegant black pumps or a feminine pair of Chanel kitten heels.

3. Jewelry is your best accessory. Pile it on, don't decorate yourself sparingly.

4. A small clutch is a nice touch and what I would recommend personally to carry your Tom Ford touch up lipstick in, but by all means if you've got a big bag you're proud of, go ahead and show it off. Just remember that the space is very intimate...don't be intrusive.

5. Want to bring your furry pet with you? Make sure it's around your neck or over your shoulders. Fur is marvelously glamorous for the cozy, dark room...your barking puppy is not, regardless of whether or not you carried him over in your Hermès doggie carrier.

Paule Ka by Venetia Scott Leaving The Carlyle

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  1. Thanks for all the help! I'm going to visit my friend and she invited me to go to a piano bar in seattle, and instantly I started looking through my closet trying to figure out something to wear. It's not very often I get to dress up so I'm really excited! Thanks again!


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