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Thursday, April 19, 2012

What makes it into the Louis for Coachella...

I'm going to be as direct as possible here. I'm still breathless from running around my room in a frenzy trying to pack as I was dancing to dubstep, but I promised you a little packing follow up for My Coachella Post.

So, my stylish friends, lets get started...

What makes it into the Louis for Coachella:

1. 2 bikinis and 1 one-piece per day you're attending. This seems like a lot, but you need options. One will get wet from the day pool parties, one you'll want to wear under your fringe top at night, and the one-piece is for when you want to get noticed or just in case you had one to many STK burgers at that magazine party last night and you need the entire day to dance it off for what tomorrow brings. No repeating swimwear, thank god they don't take up much space.

2. Wedges. If you decide to wear anything other than your gladiator flats, let them be your wedges. Most parties that you want to attend will be at an estate with grass. Heels sink and you go flying. Wedges nix this disaster from happening all together.

3. Hair ties, headbands...the essentials. The last thing you'll want to do is let your hair go all weekend because it will be tangled out of your mind after night one. Hoping that you brought a brush with you (which would be the essentials), you can address the messy situation.

4. Articles of non-black clothing. You know how much I love my black, but this is one color that doesn't come within a foot of my Louis as I am packing. It's the desert, black will make you 100 x hotter (and not in a sexy way) and boring (again, not in a sexy way). Whites and colors only! If I can do it, you can too.

5. Make up remover. Whatever crazy masterpiece you've decided to draw, paint, glue...on your'll want to remove at one point (even if you want to reapply it). Bring along a pack of MAC wipes to make it easy.

6. Sunglasses and a hat. Whether star-shaped plastic frames and a floppy hat are your thing, or if the Chanels and a Fedora are more up your alley - you need protection from the sun. It's hot, it's bright, you have a headache...shelter yourself from the sun fashionably.

7. That reminds me, SPF. I know I was all about colors earlier, but those colors do not include any shade of red on the skin.

8. Something comfy to sleep in. You may not be sleeping normal hours of the night, but if you're planning on going all out, all weekend long, you need to catch an hour or two of sleep at least from 7 am to 9 am. The party scene is sleeping too, you won't miss out.

9. A phone charger. Your phone will be dead in a matter of hours once you get anywhere near the polo fields. A re-charge station is a must. For those camping, I don't even know what the power situation is there. All I can recommend is selling your Louis for a hotel room.

10. Your wristband.

Have fun!

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