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Monday, April 30, 2012

Wardrobe Maintenance Musts.

Cars, roofs, your body...your boyfriend; these are all things that require a certain maintenance in order to perform at best.

Your car will start chugging if you refuse to get an oil change. Your roof will fall through the house at the next heavy rainfall if you don't make sure it's sealed properly. Your body will turn completely into lard if you don't put down the blended strawberry margarita and hit the gym. And your boyfriend will eventually leave you for some ugly bottle service skank from a B-list nightclub if you continually neglect him.

Moral of the gets more difficult when you become lazy and stop maintaining.

And guess what, Dear Fashionista...
The same thing goes for your closet.
Bet you knew that one was coming.

When you start refusing services (ex. dry cleaning), sealing the cracks (ex. garment bags), working out (ex. closet structure), and paying attention (ex. wear and tears), your closet will turn on you just like that car, roof, body, or boyfriend.

Here are a few tips on maintaining your wardrobe...

1. Wore that fabulous silk bubble dress out celebrating your girlfriend's birthday last night? Did any of your gorgeous bubbling girlfriends spill a little of their bubbly on it? If so, take it to the dry cleaners immediately if you suspect any foreign substance attached to the pretty fabric. Don't hang the dress back up and wait until you want to wear it again to take it for a quick clean. Even worse, don't pile it on the floor in efforts to accumulate a "dry cleaning pile."

2. Wore that fabulous silk bubble dress out celebrating your girlfriend's birthday last night and your bubbling girlfriends managed to keep their bubbly in their flutes and not on the floor (or on your couture)? Zip that dress right on up! Don't throw it in the garment bag hanging halfway off the hanger. Put it on the hanger straight, smooth out wrinkles, be sure it is laying symmetrically flat, zip the garment bag entirely shut from top to bottom. Your cocktail dress is now being preserved, not attacked by the plague.

3. Do you notice a crack in your leather Versace hobo or maybe the stitches are pulling apart on the handle of your Louis speedy? Take your beloved handbag in immediately for repair. First try the place where the bag was originally from. If your bag is not under warranty and they refuse to be somewhat accommodating when assisting you, go to your local repair shop (and never buy a bag from them again). The longer you wait to repair the damages, the worse they get and more expensive it is to fix...quite similar to the Dentist.

4. Beginning to notice the poor bottom of your Manolo heel gradually withering away or worse, sharpening to a point? Take the pair straight to the cobbler; every town has one and they are usually crying for business. This is such a cheap fix and your shoes will be like new.

5. Your favorite pair of J Brands wearing thin? Stop folding them four ways. Yes, you have long legs...but, by folding them over this many times, you are wearing down areas in the creases as they store. Jeans should be folded sideways (one leg laying on top of the other) and then folded in the middle - that's it! Double points if you want to turn them inside out before shoving in drawers.

Lastly, and quite simply...

- don't wash your Lululemon (work out wear) with your Lanvin (regular wear).
- fold your cashmere and store in designated dresser drawers, never hang. 
- remember to empty out your purse entirely each time and store before you switch to the next.
- always wash your "fancy" lingerie by hand and never throw in the dryer.
- never leave your leather YSL pumps outside, for god's sake, what were you thinking?

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