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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Recycle Your Couture - Poshmark.

I'm really excited to share with you this new app that my friend,  @MsLauralai (via Twitter) told me about! Poshmark is an app that lets you buy and sell fashion straight from your phone. It's seriously as easy as using Instagram - I'm not even kidding. I'm obsessed.

I've had tons of problems using eBay to sell some of the retired gems in my closet. As much as having my blog may make you think that I'm at all tech savvy, let me tell you...I'm not the slightest bit gifted in the tech talent department. Poshmark is the perfect app to use if you have some closet couture that needs recycling.

This app is currently only available for iPhones and all activity using Poshmark is conducted 100% out of the app itself (no webpages involved). However, you are able to check out LisaPriceInc.'s Poshmark closet by heading to this link:

Interested now? I thought so...

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