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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Coachella Post.

It's that time of year again...and a lot of you have been asking me why I haven't posted any "Coachella" features on LisaPriceInc.

First of all, many of you already know how to dress like a free spirited hippie (whether Free People is your resource or you're going straight for the patchouli oil) or full of themselves industry member (awkwardly sporting a pair of Vilebrequinons...and yes, take off the leather jacket poolside).

Second, Coachella is the one weekend (well, this year it's two) where anything goes and nobody remembers.

The crazier you look and act the more popular you'll be once the weekend is over.

I know this from first hand experience...

I was slapped in the face by Naked Man two years ago as he was running from security. The YouTube video posted probably got more hits in an hour than my blog does in a month.

My popularity was at an all time high.

So, I hope after reading this you appreciateively understand that "Dressing for Coachella" and "How to Attend a Coachella Party with Style" blog posts are totally mundane.

I'll be leaving early this year (tomorrow) for Coachella, so I'll be able to give you a heads up on what to throw in your Louis duffle, should you at all question what to bring this weekend.

Check back tomorrow, before I'm stylishly out of pocket!

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