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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Structure in Your Closet.

Lets talk closet space for a moment here...

It's very important to use your closet in a way that suits your needs.

This doesn't mean you need to organize from left to right, top to bottom, shirt sleeve to pant simply need to construct a plan for your apparel in an order that makes sense to you.

Don't think of your closet as a storage space for your wardrobe...think of it as your personal fashion database. I know that sounds like it deserves an eye roll or two, but I'm serious!



One day my closet will take after Hers...but in the meantime I'm working with what I've got:

An unwalk-in closet, an enormous dresser, and an exploding rack in the center of my room that looks like it was stolen from the backstage of a fashion show - after the models already walked, stripped, and not so carefully returned (tossed) the garments back to the rack.

As crazy as it sounds, this order makes sense to me.

Why? Because I do have a couple guidelines as to how I formulate my "closet space." And you darling, are in luck. I'm about to share these guidelines that seem to work for just about any closet space you may encounter - whether or not you organize by color or by type of garment.

5 Tips for Structure in Your Closet:

1. Use the same hanger - wood, wire, or plastic...whatever! Just keep it consistent. You'll also be able to fit more pieces in your space if all of the hangers align in the same direction. This doesn't mean you need all bright pink plastic hangers, but as long as they're the same size and type of material you're in good shape.

2. Toss your dry cleaning bags. Although you may think the plastic is protecting the garment, it's damaging. Specifically, leather. If kept in plastic, the leather material is susceptible to drying and may eventually crack. The damaging factor aside, the plastic is really not doing much but adding static and friction to boot. If your clothing article is so special that you feel the need to keep it in the free dry cleaning bag, go the extra mile and invest in a real garment bag for it. You're just being cheap, destructive, and lazy by leaving on the trash bag.

3. Why are you hanging up your work out clothing? This is just stupid. The only "work out" clothes you are allowed to hang up are the track pants featured in my Dis of the Day that, oh were even more stupid for buying. Even Lululemon doesn't deserve a hanger. This is what you shove in your dresser. I doubt you have that much lingerie.

4. Don't force what doesn't hang, well, to hang. What do you do with one-shoulder tops that you freed from the handy little "hanger" ribbon? Use a hanger with a clip for crying out loud. Don't try to hang it up in odd sideways directions, because it will come off the hanger eventually and fall on the floor.

5. Clothes do not belong on the floor. Ever.

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