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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Grown-Up Jellies.

Alexander McQueen, S/S 2010
"Jellyfish" Ensemble, Plato's Atlantis

There is something about springtime (the Easter holiday, in particular) that always reminds me of the classic childhood shoe staple, jellies.

I'm quite certain this has to do with the fact that when my sisters and I were little, there would always be an adorable pastel pair (usually sparkling) left behind by the Easter Bunny in each of our baskets. One year, I remember we were exceptionally "good" and each got two - either that, or my mother just got a little excited in the Nordie's shoe department.

I loved those shoes. I treasured them like I currently treasure my pale pink Jimmy Choos. If you were like me and wore nothing by jellies on your feet, you will be thrilled to hear that designers of today's fashion have made us grown up versions for our slightly larger feet (and taste)...

Christian Dior

Marc Jacobs


Yves Saint Laurent


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