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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Champagne Brunch - Yachting Style.

Just the other day, I received a styling question via email that I thought would be perfect to feature in a blog post. The weather's heating up and all the yachts are being brought out to play...

"I need your help! I know champagne brunch is your thing, but what in the world do I wear to a champagne brunch on a yacht??? I want to dress up because there are people to impress, but how do I dress up without looking overkill?" - Darling Reader

A champagne brunch on a yacht certainly adds a little twist to the styling situation. You want to look your brunching best, but yet you don't want to wear anything that will throw you or any of your fellow attendees overboard...literally.

Keep it chic, yet safe with some of these small adjustments to your brunch attire...

Champagne Brunch - Yachting Style.

ISSA London print dress
$1,126 -

Marni graphic design shirt
$490 -

Mulberry sheer skirt
$1,180 -

Lanvin strappy heels
$1,190 -

Elie Saab leather handbag
$1,014 -

Emilio Pucci cuff jewelry
$760 -

Prada wide belt
$195 -

1. Loose the heels at all costs. These are SO dangerous and unpractical on a boat of any sort - including cruises, so take note for your next boat bound adventure to the Bahamas. Wedges are perfect substitutes, especially ones that have a cork wedge. Sperry actually makes a pair if you really want to get into it (although, they really aren't that cute).

2. I love a printed maxi dress or "crinkled" style maxi skirt. You can't go wrong with a hot pair of white shorts, of course, but the maxis are much more feminine. Opt for a tapered hemline (shorter starting in the front) if you're nervous about tripping over it.

3. Be careful with what jewelry you decide to bedazzle yourself with. Unless you plan on reenacting the ending of the Titanic, don't wear anything too valuable that isn't strongly secured. A thick cuff or statement necklace are great choices and keep the loss to a minimum.

4. Feeling bare because of a lack of jewels? Belt it up, baby! The bigger buckle the better, no need for a little rope'll be surrounded by enough rope on the boat as it is.

5. If you want to carry a purse, that's your choice. Most likely, won't be any place to set it down (and if it's worth more than a grand, don't you dare be setting it down darling), so make sure it's an easy to grab clutch or a handbag with a stable shoulder strap. Clutch with a shoulder strap? Double points.

P.S. Chances are, there will be fickle wind that could change from comfortable to freezing cold in an instant. Bring a button up cardigan or cropped blazer just in case! Oh, and don't forget sunglasses and a hat, everything is brighter by the water!

Happy Brunching!

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