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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Blenders Eyewear - Shades for Scholarships.

So, I'm super excited to introduce to you Blenders Eyewear, a local company out of my hometown, San Diego. My longtime friends developed this amazing idea for sunglasses and after seeing their company expand to great levels, I couldn't wait to share them with you any longer!

I got a chance to interview Blenders Eyewear and get a little inside scoop behind the killer sunglasses company, but first, read up on their story real quick to get you up to speed if you haven't already heard of Blenders Eyewear...

Blenders Eyewear is the young gun in the wild world of designer sunglasses, coming in hot out of beautiful San Diego, CA. Blenders' goal is to make a positive impact on education by awarding scholarships to students and decking them out in affordable and stylish eyewear.

The Blenders team was tired of having to choose between expensive designer sunglasses that inevitably disappear or break, or janky beach knockoffs that can lead to conspicuous style deficiency. Blenders shades are high quality, polarized, impact resistant sunglasses, designed with passion and priced at a point that almost begs you to lose em' or break em'...for the simple pleasure of picking out that next color combo.

Through the Blenders Scholarship Program, the company awards scholarships to current and incoming college students, while highlighting and fueling the efforts of America's best and brightest young people. By selecting candidates who are actively pursuing goals like starting their own businesses, traveling the world, and community growth projects, Blenders aims to both bolster them in their efforts and inspire their classmates.

I'm so impressed by the Blenders Eyewear mission behind the fashionably bright shades that I would hands down ditch my Tom Ford's for a pair of these on rotation any day.

They're perfect for all those beach days and pool parties coming up, not to mention our music festival season currently on full blast (weekend two of Coachella is just around the corner)!

Now, check out what Blenders Eyewear has to say straight from the source...Chase and Blake.

Blenders Eyewear Q&A

LMP: First off, what inspired you guys to create Blenders Eyewear?

As recent college graduates, we know the top ramen and burrito diet can be pretty rough. So spending $100-150 on sunglasses is certainly out of the question. With the creation of Blenders, we set out to create a product that would look great, be easy on the wallet and give back to college education, which is in a world of hurt right now.

LMP: Do you have a vision in mind for the "typical" wearer of Blenders Eyewear?

Your typical rocker of Blenders Eyewear will feel fantastic and be feverishly stoked because their eyes are protected and they look phenomenal. We strive to provide a full spectrum of vibrant color. Whether you’re looking to go wild with neon or keep it subtle, Blenders has a flavor to match your mood.

LMP: Coming from Blenders Eyewear, you have a huge influence on the community. What is the number one thing on a personal level that you're trying to accomplish through outreach?

There are a lot of awesome young people out there doing some amazing things. These stories don’t always get the recognition they should. Our goal is to highlight the efforts of these passionate individuals and fuel their efforts.

LMP: Other than off of the Blenders Eyewear site, where can we find you guys?

The best place to get your hands on some Blenders is here, through Blenders Eyewear preorder campaign. For a limited time you can preorder and save big on your favorite pairs of Blenders and get a sneak peak of our full spectrum of color set to drop this summer.

LMP: Now, how about a little insight into the "bright future" as Blenders Eyewear puts it...what's new and exciting that's coming up for the company?

Blenders is excited to award its first scholarship in Fall 2012. We have some big collaborations with different brands, athletes, designers and photographers that we are stoked to get the opportunity to partner with. We are also looking to add more campus reps and shade captains to our program to help spread the Blenders buzz around different colleges throughout the country. Anyone interested in coming on board should get in touch with us as were always looking to add new people to the mix.

LMP: Ok, lastly, I've got to have some pretty crazy colored shades, which style is you guys' favorite to rock?

Chase has been frothing over the newest addition ‘Moroccan Spice’ and Blake has been sleeping in the ‘Deep Space’ another addition to the Blenders collection. You can get your hands on both here, through our preorder campaign.

Moroccan Spice, Chase's Fave!

Where's best place to get your hands on a fresh new pair of Blenders Eyewear? Check out Blenders Eyewear pre-order. The full color line is available for pre-order, and you can watch for new flavors dropping fast this summer.

The Future is Bright. Come Prepared.

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