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Monday, April 30, 2012

Would you like Ketchup or Mustard on your Couture?

Karlie Kloss for Elie Saab Spring 2012 
Campaign by C├ędric Buchet

Whether you prefer ketchup or mustard (or perhaps a mix) on your favorite BBQ fix, you're certainly going to reach first for the Mustard this season!

We love the ketchup reds and "mixed" corals, but it's time to warm things up a bit with a fabulous mustard yellow color statement this Spring.

Check out these hot mustard shades making their way down the runway for Spring decide how much you want to put on, don't apply sparingly!

Wes Gordon

Derek Lam


 Oscar de la Renta
Burberry Prorsum
Christian Siriano
Carolina Herrera
Jason Wu

Elie Saab

 Oscar de la Renta

Wardrobe Maintenance Musts.

Cars, roofs, your body...your boyfriend; these are all things that require a certain maintenance in order to perform at best.

Your car will start chugging if you refuse to get an oil change. Your roof will fall through the house at the next heavy rainfall if you don't make sure it's sealed properly. Your body will turn completely into lard if you don't put down the blended strawberry margarita and hit the gym. And your boyfriend will eventually leave you for some ugly bottle service skank from a B-list nightclub if you continually neglect him.

Moral of the gets more difficult when you become lazy and stop maintaining.

And guess what, Dear Fashionista...
The same thing goes for your closet.
Bet you knew that one was coming.

When you start refusing services (ex. dry cleaning), sealing the cracks (ex. garment bags), working out (ex. closet structure), and paying attention (ex. wear and tears), your closet will turn on you just like that car, roof, body, or boyfriend.

Here are a few tips on maintaining your wardrobe...

1. Wore that fabulous silk bubble dress out celebrating your girlfriend's birthday last night? Did any of your gorgeous bubbling girlfriends spill a little of their bubbly on it? If so, take it to the dry cleaners immediately if you suspect any foreign substance attached to the pretty fabric. Don't hang the dress back up and wait until you want to wear it again to take it for a quick clean. Even worse, don't pile it on the floor in efforts to accumulate a "dry cleaning pile."

2. Wore that fabulous silk bubble dress out celebrating your girlfriend's birthday last night and your bubbling girlfriends managed to keep their bubbly in their flutes and not on the floor (or on your couture)? Zip that dress right on up! Don't throw it in the garment bag hanging halfway off the hanger. Put it on the hanger straight, smooth out wrinkles, be sure it is laying symmetrically flat, zip the garment bag entirely shut from top to bottom. Your cocktail dress is now being preserved, not attacked by the plague.

3. Do you notice a crack in your leather Versace hobo or maybe the stitches are pulling apart on the handle of your Louis speedy? Take your beloved handbag in immediately for repair. First try the place where the bag was originally from. If your bag is not under warranty and they refuse to be somewhat accommodating when assisting you, go to your local repair shop (and never buy a bag from them again). The longer you wait to repair the damages, the worse they get and more expensive it is to fix...quite similar to the Dentist.

4. Beginning to notice the poor bottom of your Manolo heel gradually withering away or worse, sharpening to a point? Take the pair straight to the cobbler; every town has one and they are usually crying for business. This is such a cheap fix and your shoes will be like new.

5. Your favorite pair of J Brands wearing thin? Stop folding them four ways. Yes, you have long legs...but, by folding them over this many times, you are wearing down areas in the creases as they store. Jeans should be folded sideways (one leg laying on top of the other) and then folded in the middle - that's it! Double points if you want to turn them inside out before shoving in drawers.

Lastly, and quite simply...

- don't wash your Lululemon (work out wear) with your Lanvin (regular wear).
- fold your cashmere and store in designated dresser drawers, never hang. 
- remember to empty out your purse entirely each time and store before you switch to the next.
- always wash your "fancy" lingerie by hand and never throw in the dryer.
- never leave your leather YSL pumps outside, for god's sake, what were you thinking?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Recycle Your Couture - Poshmark.

I'm really excited to share with you this new app that my friend,  @MsLauralai (via Twitter) told me about! Poshmark is an app that lets you buy and sell fashion straight from your phone. It's seriously as easy as using Instagram - I'm not even kidding. I'm obsessed.

I've had tons of problems using eBay to sell some of the retired gems in my closet. As much as having my blog may make you think that I'm at all tech savvy, let me tell you...I'm not the slightest bit gifted in the tech talent department. Poshmark is the perfect app to use if you have some closet couture that needs recycling.

This app is currently only available for iPhones and all activity using Poshmark is conducted 100% out of the app itself (no webpages involved). However, you are able to check out LisaPriceInc.'s Poshmark closet by heading to this link:

Interested now? I thought so...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

When Your Own Initials Are Enough...

Be sure to let everybody know on your Bottega.

Monogrammed pieces are now being offered by Bottega Veneta; taking bags to a whole new level of customization, personalization, and well...commitment.

In this case, what's wrong with a little commitment?
1. Choose your product.

2. Select color.

3. Customize and finish.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

What makes it into the Louis for Coachella...

I'm going to be as direct as possible here. I'm still breathless from running around my room in a frenzy trying to pack as I was dancing to dubstep, but I promised you a little packing follow up for My Coachella Post.

So, my stylish friends, lets get started...

What makes it into the Louis for Coachella:

1. 2 bikinis and 1 one-piece per day you're attending. This seems like a lot, but you need options. One will get wet from the day pool parties, one you'll want to wear under your fringe top at night, and the one-piece is for when you want to get noticed or just in case you had one to many STK burgers at that magazine party last night and you need the entire day to dance it off for what tomorrow brings. No repeating swimwear, thank god they don't take up much space.

2. Wedges. If you decide to wear anything other than your gladiator flats, let them be your wedges. Most parties that you want to attend will be at an estate with grass. Heels sink and you go flying. Wedges nix this disaster from happening all together.

3. Hair ties, headbands...the essentials. The last thing you'll want to do is let your hair go all weekend because it will be tangled out of your mind after night one. Hoping that you brought a brush with you (which would be the essentials), you can address the messy situation.

4. Articles of non-black clothing. You know how much I love my black, but this is one color that doesn't come within a foot of my Louis as I am packing. It's the desert, black will make you 100 x hotter (and not in a sexy way) and boring (again, not in a sexy way). Whites and colors only! If I can do it, you can too.

5. Make up remover. Whatever crazy masterpiece you've decided to draw, paint, glue...on your'll want to remove at one point (even if you want to reapply it). Bring along a pack of MAC wipes to make it easy.

6. Sunglasses and a hat. Whether star-shaped plastic frames and a floppy hat are your thing, or if the Chanels and a Fedora are more up your alley - you need protection from the sun. It's hot, it's bright, you have a headache...shelter yourself from the sun fashionably.

7. That reminds me, SPF. I know I was all about colors earlier, but those colors do not include any shade of red on the skin.

8. Something comfy to sleep in. You may not be sleeping normal hours of the night, but if you're planning on going all out, all weekend long, you need to catch an hour or two of sleep at least from 7 am to 9 am. The party scene is sleeping too, you won't miss out.

9. A phone charger. Your phone will be dead in a matter of hours once you get anywhere near the polo fields. A re-charge station is a must. For those camping, I don't even know what the power situation is there. All I can recommend is selling your Louis for a hotel room.

10. Your wristband.

Have fun!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Coachella Post.

It's that time of year again...and a lot of you have been asking me why I haven't posted any "Coachella" features on LisaPriceInc.

First of all, many of you already know how to dress like a free spirited hippie (whether Free People is your resource or you're going straight for the patchouli oil) or full of themselves industry member (awkwardly sporting a pair of Vilebrequinons...and yes, take off the leather jacket poolside).

Second, Coachella is the one weekend (well, this year it's two) where anything goes and nobody remembers.

The crazier you look and act the more popular you'll be once the weekend is over.

I know this from first hand experience...

I was slapped in the face by Naked Man two years ago as he was running from security. The YouTube video posted probably got more hits in an hour than my blog does in a month.

My popularity was at an all time high.

So, I hope after reading this you appreciateively understand that "Dressing for Coachella" and "How to Attend a Coachella Party with Style" blog posts are totally mundane.

I'll be leaving early this year (tomorrow) for Coachella, so I'll be able to give you a heads up on what to throw in your Louis duffle, should you at all question what to bring this weekend.

Check back tomorrow, before I'm stylishly out of pocket!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Blenders Eyewear - Shades for Scholarships.

So, I'm super excited to introduce to you Blenders Eyewear, a local company out of my hometown, San Diego. My longtime friends developed this amazing idea for sunglasses and after seeing their company expand to great levels, I couldn't wait to share them with you any longer!

I got a chance to interview Blenders Eyewear and get a little inside scoop behind the killer sunglasses company, but first, read up on their story real quick to get you up to speed if you haven't already heard of Blenders Eyewear...

Blenders Eyewear is the young gun in the wild world of designer sunglasses, coming in hot out of beautiful San Diego, CA. Blenders' goal is to make a positive impact on education by awarding scholarships to students and decking them out in affordable and stylish eyewear.

The Blenders team was tired of having to choose between expensive designer sunglasses that inevitably disappear or break, or janky beach knockoffs that can lead to conspicuous style deficiency. Blenders shades are high quality, polarized, impact resistant sunglasses, designed with passion and priced at a point that almost begs you to lose em' or break em'...for the simple pleasure of picking out that next color combo.

Through the Blenders Scholarship Program, the company awards scholarships to current and incoming college students, while highlighting and fueling the efforts of America's best and brightest young people. By selecting candidates who are actively pursuing goals like starting their own businesses, traveling the world, and community growth projects, Blenders aims to both bolster them in their efforts and inspire their classmates.

I'm so impressed by the Blenders Eyewear mission behind the fashionably bright shades that I would hands down ditch my Tom Ford's for a pair of these on rotation any day.

They're perfect for all those beach days and pool parties coming up, not to mention our music festival season currently on full blast (weekend two of Coachella is just around the corner)!

Now, check out what Blenders Eyewear has to say straight from the source...Chase and Blake.

Blenders Eyewear Q&A

LMP: First off, what inspired you guys to create Blenders Eyewear?

As recent college graduates, we know the top ramen and burrito diet can be pretty rough. So spending $100-150 on sunglasses is certainly out of the question. With the creation of Blenders, we set out to create a product that would look great, be easy on the wallet and give back to college education, which is in a world of hurt right now.

LMP: Do you have a vision in mind for the "typical" wearer of Blenders Eyewear?

Your typical rocker of Blenders Eyewear will feel fantastic and be feverishly stoked because their eyes are protected and they look phenomenal. We strive to provide a full spectrum of vibrant color. Whether you’re looking to go wild with neon or keep it subtle, Blenders has a flavor to match your mood.

LMP: Coming from Blenders Eyewear, you have a huge influence on the community. What is the number one thing on a personal level that you're trying to accomplish through outreach?

There are a lot of awesome young people out there doing some amazing things. These stories don’t always get the recognition they should. Our goal is to highlight the efforts of these passionate individuals and fuel their efforts.

LMP: Other than off of the Blenders Eyewear site, where can we find you guys?

The best place to get your hands on some Blenders is here, through Blenders Eyewear preorder campaign. For a limited time you can preorder and save big on your favorite pairs of Blenders and get a sneak peak of our full spectrum of color set to drop this summer.

LMP: Now, how about a little insight into the "bright future" as Blenders Eyewear puts it...what's new and exciting that's coming up for the company?

Blenders is excited to award its first scholarship in Fall 2012. We have some big collaborations with different brands, athletes, designers and photographers that we are stoked to get the opportunity to partner with. We are also looking to add more campus reps and shade captains to our program to help spread the Blenders buzz around different colleges throughout the country. Anyone interested in coming on board should get in touch with us as were always looking to add new people to the mix.

LMP: Ok, lastly, I've got to have some pretty crazy colored shades, which style is you guys' favorite to rock?

Chase has been frothing over the newest addition ‘Moroccan Spice’ and Blake has been sleeping in the ‘Deep Space’ another addition to the Blenders collection. You can get your hands on both here, through our preorder campaign.

Moroccan Spice, Chase's Fave!

Where's best place to get your hands on a fresh new pair of Blenders Eyewear? Check out Blenders Eyewear pre-order. The full color line is available for pre-order, and you can watch for new flavors dropping fast this summer.

The Future is Bright. Come Prepared.

Monday, April 16, 2012

X Marks the Spot, the Circle and the Dot.

Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2012, Kate Moss

We incorporate timeless perforated pieces throughout our wardrobe from the beginning to end of all seasons. This surprisingly versatile and season-less material detail offers fun texture and easy dimension to the piece in which it is featured on. Perfectly acceptable perforation can be that of a nude sandal flirting effortlessly on the rooftop terrace of your favorite lunch spot, or on a black clutch in a dark nightclub for an edgy touch.

Your perforation possibilities are endless.

Best way to pull of the perforated texture?
Handbags and shoes, darling.

Here are a few ways to add a little perforation to your wardrobe...

Walter Steiger
Perforated Ankle Boot

- Paired with a flowy floral maxi dress at an uneven, fun length or with your favorite pair of bold colored skinny jeans (I recommend J Brand Color Jeans).

Medium Perforated Tinhan Shopper

- Throw over your shoulder as a casual accent to a tucked in shirt and pair of high-waisted trousers during the day, or for a strong accent to a Euro-styled cropped leather jacket for night.

Perforated Knee Boot

- Give these all the attention by putting on over a pair of black skinnies, or better yet, a pair of black textured tights. You'll be able to see the base come through the perforation of the boot which will create a killer effect.

Perforated Pieces to Save For:

Cut-out Sandal

Mixed-Media Shoulder Bag

Perforated Pieces at Steal Worthy Prices:

Tan Perforated Crossbody Bag

CO-OP Barneys New York
Perforated Double Wrap Belt


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Champagne Brunch - Yachting Style.

Just the other day, I received a styling question via email that I thought would be perfect to feature in a blog post. The weather's heating up and all the yachts are being brought out to play...

"I need your help! I know champagne brunch is your thing, but what in the world do I wear to a champagne brunch on a yacht??? I want to dress up because there are people to impress, but how do I dress up without looking overkill?" - Darling Reader

A champagne brunch on a yacht certainly adds a little twist to the styling situation. You want to look your brunching best, but yet you don't want to wear anything that will throw you or any of your fellow attendees overboard...literally.

Keep it chic, yet safe with some of these small adjustments to your brunch attire...

Champagne Brunch - Yachting Style.

ISSA London print dress
$1,126 -

Marni graphic design shirt
$490 -

Mulberry sheer skirt
$1,180 -

Lanvin strappy heels
$1,190 -

Elie Saab leather handbag
$1,014 -

Emilio Pucci cuff jewelry
$760 -

Prada wide belt
$195 -

1. Loose the heels at all costs. These are SO dangerous and unpractical on a boat of any sort - including cruises, so take note for your next boat bound adventure to the Bahamas. Wedges are perfect substitutes, especially ones that have a cork wedge. Sperry actually makes a pair if you really want to get into it (although, they really aren't that cute).

2. I love a printed maxi dress or "crinkled" style maxi skirt. You can't go wrong with a hot pair of white shorts, of course, but the maxis are much more feminine. Opt for a tapered hemline (shorter starting in the front) if you're nervous about tripping over it.

3. Be careful with what jewelry you decide to bedazzle yourself with. Unless you plan on reenacting the ending of the Titanic, don't wear anything too valuable that isn't strongly secured. A thick cuff or statement necklace are great choices and keep the loss to a minimum.

4. Feeling bare because of a lack of jewels? Belt it up, baby! The bigger buckle the better, no need for a little rope'll be surrounded by enough rope on the boat as it is.

5. If you want to carry a purse, that's your choice. Most likely, won't be any place to set it down (and if it's worth more than a grand, don't you dare be setting it down darling), so make sure it's an easy to grab clutch or a handbag with a stable shoulder strap. Clutch with a shoulder strap? Double points.

P.S. Chances are, there will be fickle wind that could change from comfortable to freezing cold in an instant. Bring a button up cardigan or cropped blazer just in case! Oh, and don't forget sunglasses and a hat, everything is brighter by the water!

Happy Brunching!

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