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Friday, March 23, 2012

Whoever said Black isn't Retro?

Whoever said sunglasses needed to have obnoxiously colorful frames in order for them to be considered "retro" is dead wrong.

Yes, pink or red frames certainly are a trait of the "retro" style, but it is the shape of the frame that determines whether or not the sunglasses fit this category.

Sidenote: Neon green is not "retro," it's tacky and cheap looking. I don't care if it's Dior Limited Edition. Neon sunglasses are such a NO in my book.

You can go "retro" by sticking to black, and here are a few examples of how...

Whoever said Black isn't Retro?

Christian Dior retro sunglasses
$325 -

Oliver Peoples retro sunglasses
$340 -

Christian Dior retro sunglasses
$595 -

Miu Miu retro sunglasses
$390 -

Tom ford sunglasses
$432 -

Created using POLYVORE - my newest obsession.

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