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Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Seventeen Moment.

It's my youngest sister Lindsay's birthday today. She's 17...going on 21 in my parent's eyes, going on 12 in my eyes. The baby of the family maybe...but really, not so much anymore.

Today got me thinking of my 17th birthday and how much I've changed since then. Worldly, I've become quite a bit more educated on how not to get raped in an alley behind a nightclub, what drinks at Starbucks have more calories than a daily caloric intake should total, the technical aspects behind playing hard to get and winning...those sorts of things. Change has occurred even more so in the looks department - goodbye Snooki poof and leathery fake tan. I have managed to embrace my natural "Casper the Friendly Ghost" complexion and have taught myself the art of a blow out.

Emotionally how much have I changed? Hardly at all. Relationship wise, of course I've grown, and grown a tougher skin with constant triumphs and falls. But at the end of the day, I'm still the same 5 year old princess bellowing at her kingdom with a fairytale in mind.

Oh, to turn 17 again. I got my very first Louis Vuitton bag from my parents on my 17th birthday.

That's what I remember the most about that day.

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