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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Puddle Jumpin'

It's raining and pouring, you've got leopard furry socks on your feet and are wrapped up to your little Chanel diamond logo studs in vow to not move until the sun comes out again.

Until you receive that text summoning you out to play...

Your velour sweats and glittery Uggs (the only outfit you were planning on putting on this evening for that Pinkberry run - yes, it's California, we have frozen yogurt no matter what climate is brewing) are just not going to cut it.

What in the world are you going to wear, Dear Fashionista?

Outfit choice is a breeze, no need to stress. Something warm, yet chic...instantly layering pops into mind and you're flooded with inspiration.

Footwear on the other hand...those Louboutin boots? Don't you dare. You will ruin the suede or leather the instant your red soles hit a puddle.

Let me help you choose one of these puddle jumpin' footwear options depending on your event at hand...

Fleeing to another hide out? You just need something to swim across the pond in. What better than a pair of Jimmy Choo Hunter Rain Boots to make the swim in. The crocodile print makes this pair a promising choice.

Jimmy Choo
Hunter Rain Boot

Heading to dinner? Make your shoe of choice smart, yet still stylish as ever with this chic rain boot. Loeffler Randall's Rain Boot has a rubber toe for practicality and zipper running down the back for a hot fit. Win, win.

Loeffler Randall
Rain Boot

Club hopping? (Sounds miserable in the rain, but if that's your choice...) Try the Perforated Ankle Boot by Walter Steiger. It's hot enough to dress up for drink, and the cut outs allow for easy water drainage, should you happen to step off the wrong curb and into a small river.

Walter Steiger
Perforated Ankle Boot

Happy Puddle Jumpin'!

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