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Monday, March 12, 2012

Hot Pants!

Hot pants. And when I say "hot pants," I'm not referring to a hot pair of pants...well, they're definitely hot...but they're not pants.

Raquel Welch, Catherine Bach, Brigitte Bardot

Introduced to fashion in the 1970's, these short shorts created a trend that has been played with on and off again throughout the fashion decades, and my leggy friend...the hot pants are coming in for another swoop!

You can choose to wear them "long":

Or decide to hike up the hotness:

But you MUST follow some simple guidelines!!!
Let me lay a few out for you with modern day examples...

DO: Dress up your hot pants with sequins or embellishment to take the casual staple far into the night. Pair with a simple top and heavier heels (these cage ones below on Selena Gomez are fab) and you're good to go.

Selena Gomez

DON'T: Turn them into a sloppy mess. It pains me to hate on Beyoncé Knowles, especially since this shot below was taken at Coachella...but she turned her Hot Pants into Not Pants by pairing then with an ill-fitting graphic tee. I don't hate the denim, but if you're going to go with denim try a high-waisted pair (sailor-esque) or one with a little more distress. These just look like they've been grown out of. On a positive note, the hat is very on point.

Beyoncé Knowles

DO: Consider balance throughout your entire look. The tailored jacket's sleeves add coverage to the look, and the deep V withholds the sexiness of the ensemble. The closed toe pumps make a perfect finish, and offer consistency in the outfit. Blake Lively nailed this look in the polished department.

Blake Lively

DON'T: Wear tights!!! It's so not even the denim factor in this look below destroyed by Katie Holmes. The point of hot pants is to show off the leg! Performing on stage in hot pants and fish nets (i.e. Rihanna and Madonna) is performing in costume. Walking the streets in hot pants and tights is performing a fashion crime. If you want to cover up, hot pants aren't your thing.

Katie Holmes

DO: An unforgettable combo. High-waisted, floral, and a tied flowy top? Shenae Grimes pulled this pair of hot pants together to a T. Just ignore the bag. The "satchel" style bag works, especially if this look is worn during the day, I just hate the one Grimes is donning - it has weird structure and the black is a little too droopy for the fun nature of the look. Perhaps a pop of color from Balenciaga or a woven Bottega Veneta would have made a better finish.

Shenae Grimes

For more inspiration on putting your hot pants look together, check out Runway to Real Way Hot Pants found on WHOWHATWEAR. This article offers great style insight to this old (and back again) trend and features some really great pairs of hot pants that won't break the bank - we're talking about one pair to steal for only $18!

Go get your hot pants on, you hot thing!

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